Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview with Cassandra Niki

If you have been blogged for long time, you probably recognize this girl. Her name is Cassandra Niki, well-known as Casseybunn. Cassey is a talented photographer, also an active blogger. Who knows her passion of blogging world takes her to be a writer? Now, she’s officially a writer, after publishing her first book in February. Her first book titled “Letters, Stories, and Dreams” and published by Terrant Books.
To be frank, I am one of her huge fans. So, one day, I had an idea to interview her for this blog. So, I emailed her and asked for her willingness. And I was so honored when she said yes. So here it is interview between me and Cassey.

Tell us, why did you choose “Letters, Stories, and Dreams” as your first book’s title?

Believe me or not, I didn't have a title until 2 days before it was up for printing. So, under pressure, I just thought 3 basic things that were the most important parts. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was stories. Because I'm practically turning myself into a storyteller telling stories of my life. Then, it was dreams, which is like "bonus chapters" in my book. Eight "Dreams of a Dreamer" chapters which contains my secret dreams. And last but not least of course my letters. Which were the most personal parts of this book. Because it started and ended with a letter. Putting those words together was tricky. But I thought of one of my favorite songs, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, which was a Beatles song about a kind of drug, Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD which makes you hallucinate things like Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I'm not on drugs, but that song means a lot to Jonas (the main character of the book) so I decided to name the whole book Letters, Stories, & Dreams. LSD for short! Simple and easy to remember by readers but also personal and meaningful to my close ones. The short name LSD is also a 'hidden joke' for close friends.

What did inspire you in writing this book?

Mostly everything that happened around me. What inspired me the most was the fact that what I've been through really was common in between my friends and family. I just have to share to the world!

How long did you need to finish this book?

The writing process itself took 8 months. Editing, printing, publishing took 2 months. But the whole book took 2 years of my journal entries.

Did you encounter any obstacles while writing this book? How did you solve them?

Of course. The same old same old, handling writing with my studies and my work was pretty hard. But the worst obstacle I had to go through was my personal problem which was breaking up with my boyfriend. How I solved it? I went on vacation and came back more inspired than ever. 

I’ve observed that your book become best sellers everywhere. Congrats! In your opinion, have you received enough appreciation (royalty) for you hard work? 

Hahaha thanks! Well, if you're speaking money. I think that's pretty private :p but yeah, it's good so far. Hahaha. What means a lot to me actually isn't the money but look at all those readers. Having a 'name' out there is really really WOW! The perfect appreciation. 

Which part do you love most from Letters, Stories, and Dreams? I, myself, love the part when you’re dreaming as rock star! Every one must have that moment in their life.

I can't pick only one part. Everything supports everything. Without one or other my story isn't complete. Writing each part was fun; the whole book is my favorite. I love it so much :D 

Beside a writer, you’re a talented photographer too. Which one is harder? Writing or taking photos?

Writing is definitely harder. Taking photos is a hobby to me. It only needs my eyes and my heart and I have no need to fulfill anyone's expectations. As for writing, which was once a hobby too, now is a job. I think more when I write, not only I must make my writing readable I must make it likable. Now, isn't that a pickle? :p

Many readers are waiting for your book’s sequel. Have you planned to write it? We’re absolutely anxious of your relationship with Jonas after crying scene in last chapter.

Well, well, well. Here's a surprise. I AM currently writing a second book. However though, it won't be the sequel of Letters, Stories, & Dreams. But, don't be disappointed just yet. I'm gonna arrange a nice surprise considering to tell all my readers what happened after my last letter in this second book. It will be a little epilogue perhaps? I don't know yet. You'll have to wait and see. But I promise, I'll tell you what happened ;) 
Do you have any messages for teenagers who have relationship problems as you did?

Hmm. Maybe I'd like to say that it is time to differentiate love and obsession. As obsession is one of my weaknesses in this book. But either than that, let's realize the importance of fighting for what you need not what you want :)

Who is your favorite writer? Why?

Tough question. Lemme think. Mitch Albom & Chuck Palahniuk. Mitch Albom writes simple everyday activities but touches you so badly, I always cry on reading each of his books. He writes with the simplest words, not poetic or anything just how it is. But it's like so real and so close to you. Chuck is more theatrical, he writes every moment in detail, what a person wore, how the lighting was, how the temperature was, where every drop of sweat fell, etc. He is super cool. Reading his work is like watching a movie.
Describe your self!

If you were a canvas, you’d be painted by… Andy Warhol. A common thing but colorful & unpredictable.

If you were a microphone, you’d be sung by… J√≥nsi. The only person I'd die to be sung by.

 If you were clothes, you’d be worn by… An early 90's rockstar. Simple, a tee & jeans.

I can’t live without… Internet, music, & body lotion. Enough said.

My favorite quote is… "If it hurts, you know what, it's probably worth it" -The Beach.

If I were a movie, I'd be directed by... Sofia Coppola. Beautiful cinematography with complex hidden meanings and a hot soundtrack.
That it is! If you haven’t got a copy of “Letters, Stories and Dreams”, go to nearest bookstore. It will be effortless to find it, because it always placed on “Best Seller” shelf!
But, for you, who want extra discounts, you can visit Terrant Books website for ordering this book.  You can get 35% discounts! So, what are you waiting for??


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