Monday, April 11, 2011

Dimsum Terakhir by Clara Ng

Have read various review about this book, and made me curious. Some said it was breathtaking, amazing, some said it was ordinary, too dramatic, way too much. Well, I should read by myself, I think. Thanks to Vixxio, which always provide me with high quality and cheap used books, I got this one with very affordable prize.

So, the story is about Chinese quadruplets, Siska, Indah, Rosi, and Novera. They live separately, busy with their own life, try to deal with their own secret, when suddenly they hear bad news from their father, who lives alone, just companied by two fat cats. Nung, their father suffer by stroke, which requiring them to reunited. When they are forced to live together while taking care of their father, they figure out each other's secret, and try to understand one another.

I loved how Clara could share how beautiful Nung's family is. They share warmth and love among difficulty between Chinese at that time, fight between sisters, health issues, personality, and religion. I feel much love, even when the sisters shouted each other at anger. Love is all I feel from this book. And family bond.

Even, when some problems are way too much, I say we're still able to enjoy this book. Learn how different these quadruplets personality, from the older to younger, Siska with her autonomy, perfectionist Indah, Rosi who likes to talk and fussy, and calm Novera. Their colorful life, Siska, successful business woman, which often travel abroad, Indah, booming writer who has no idea what to write in her second book, Rosi, as her name, a rose farmer, and Novera, teacher who wants to be a nun. Each of them keep secrets, which try to be revealed by Nung, who wants hear truths from his daughter before he dies.

I should admit that I got tearful when I read final chapters. How deep is a father's love, so he can receive his daughters the way they are. How brave Nung face his death after revealing his daughters secrets one by one. Well, I am impressed with this book. Two thumbs up, Clara!

Oh, and thank you so much for Vixxio. Visit their website, facebook, and twitter for getting some interesting offers! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Avalon High seems like an ordinary high school, which has ordinary students. There are Lance, the athlete, Jennifer, the cheerleader, and Will, senior class president, quarterback, and role model.

Not everyone seems like their real.. even for Elle. As new student, who just moves recently, Elle will find her identity. What role will she play at Avalon High ongoing drama? What if series of weird events and coincidences that happen to her, means tragedy? And what if she isn't able to prevent this tragedy?

It's been a while since I read Meg Cabot's book. I still be a loyal reader of Mediator, tough. Meg Cabot's books are always labeled with "Teenlit", and it makes me a bit lazy to pick them up from book stores. Well, an exception happened one day, when I just feel like reading a light novel. So, here Avalon High, first book.

Well, I am not regretting it, in fact I find this book is interesting. Meg Cabot has a wide wild imagination, and in this book she includes her wide learning of King Arthur's life. She mixes it with high school life, which makes it more interesting, because who doesn't want read about high school drama story, right? :D

I've tempted to google about King Arthur, his life, his loyal knights, Guinevere, Merlin, and Camelot, since reading this book. It's fun, I should admit it. But if you don't want take it seriously, grab this book for your side snack, distracts you from your heavy reading material. It works. Not too deep, but not too shallow.

I've watched its movie, and found it was interesting, although I saw many differences from its book. But they are both good in their own way. So, happy reading everyone! :)