Sunday, April 25, 2010

Morning, Noon, and Night by Sidney Sheldon

Last week, I decided to buy some books from Vixxio. I went gaga and lasted with purchasing 7 items in my shopping cart! What a shame! After all, I didn't regret it, though I bought used books, but they are all in good condition.

What should I review first? Three of them are Sidney Sheldon's, but most catching one is Morning, Noon, and Night. 


Cruising on his yacht, Harry Stanford, one of the world's wealthiest men, drowns under mysterious circumstances. Now, a young woman appears at the family gathering following the funeral claiming to be his daughter and heir. As the respected Stanford family seeks to learn whether she is genuine or an imposter, a hidden web of blackmail, drugs and murder emerges from behind the facade.

As his other book, Sheldon often presents twisted plot, which is revealed perfectly in ending. First, we will be fascinated with life of Harry Stanford, his luxurious business, always surrounded with lovely women everywhere. But, then he dies mysteriously,told as an accident.

Then, we're introduced with his heirs, Tyler, Woody, and Kendall. Three children with different characters, but same attitude. All of them takes no matter with their father's death. What they want is legacy, inheritance, money. So, when a young woman, named Julia, comes and claim to be Harry's daughter, they accuse her as an imposter, even call detective to investigate her parentage.

While Julia's history is investigated, family's secret starts to be revealed. It tells why Harry's children show hatred to their father. How they are underestimated along their life, unsupported to reach their dream, even often treated by harsh words. Then, we begin to wonder, is Harry's death really an accident? Or, one of his children, who hates him so much, plans to kill him? Is Julia real heir, or she is fake?

Many surprises be found in middle and ending of this story. Finally, like every stories do, truth is always be the winner.

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