Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Enchantress by Michael Scott

Suprisingly I read a lot this month, thanks to my road trip. Bought few new stuffs too, thanks to Gramedia Sale, up to 70%, I bought maybe, ten (or eleven?) books last two weeks for approximately 200k idr? Anyway, although I read a lot, I can promise you to review all, so here my option for today. The book that I've been waiting for so long.


Danu Talis: The end of the world is near, and Sophie and Josh Newman are reunited under extraordinary circumstances. Who are Isis and Osiris? Are they really who they claim to be? As the end draws near Palamedes, William Shakespeare, Scathatch, Joan of Arc and Saint Germain join the twins of legend as the final battle on Danu Talis begins.
Meanwhile in the city of San Francisco the Dark Elders are gathering to bring about the destruction of human kind. Monsters are being unleashed upon the city and only the immortals Nicholas and Pernelle Flamel, Nicolo Machiavelli, Billy The Kid, Black Hawk and a few elders stand in their way. Will this unlikely group of soldiers be able to save the entire human race from destruction?
Honestly, I've no idea that this book will be THE LAST BOOK from The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Thought it's going to be seven books. So I read it without any expectation, and then, bam! Two last chapter, I was like, "Ini udahan ya? Ini buku terakhir ya?" Hahaha.. Dumb me.

Like the other book, this book is only consisted of two days, last days of Nicholas and Perenelle's life. Our favorite characters are on different location and different timeline, fight for what they believe. Sophie and Josh is facing great revelation in their life, Nicholas and Perenelle trying to save lives, Prometheus and Niten is fighting great war and John Dee meeting The Death itself. Meanwhile, Danu Talis will choose its new leader while the old ones is being captured and wait to be executed. Complicated enough, huh?

As a follower of this series, I found this book..... quite disappointing. Of course I enjoy its pace, as usual Michael Scott always write it full speed, we even can't follow it until we reach last page. I enjoy the battle they have, the monsters, but there are some things that I want more.

Like the time travel. Because the timeline is different, I feel bit confusing when I move between chapter, especially short one. And I don't really feel connected to each character, I guess it's the consequence when you have so many great and strong character, but I am really invested to the twin, so I expected more from them. There is a revelation in the end, I am still surprised 'til now, from Josh, but there is nothing for Sophie? Really? It's a hectic, messy ending, I know every one's being busy to take their role in Danu Talis destruction, but please, can we see more from this two?

However, I like the Nicholas and Perenelle's ending. It's bittersweet, but I guess they deserved that. Now I am afraid if I write more, that I will spoil you, so I think I am gonna stop. As a fan, of course I will recommend this one for you, but I really think Michael Scott can do much better than this. Although I know I can't. :p

In the end, can you write two or three more books about this again, Michael? I'd like to know about Abraham, Virginia, Machiavelli, and Billy the Kid. And someone, please, I know Michael explicitly told us that if we read the book carefully, we'll know who The Enchantress is, but can someone enlighten me? I really have no clue (It's a lie, I got suspects, but it will be very nice if you all give me some insights).