Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

Few days ago, when I was writing a post for MINDCUBE, suddenly I was reminded to my Shopaholic collection. They are settled peacefully in my book shelf at home. Coincidentally, I was going to go home that day (for you, who haven't known yet, now I stay in Jakarta, while my hometown is in Sukabumi, little town, which is 4 hours-distance from Jakarta. Ah, google it. :) ) So, yesterday, I dismantled my collection to find out those books, and re-read them.
There are five books, include:

First, I was gonna to post each series in different posts, but well, I thought about it again, and revealed that they are must united. They essentially tells about life of Rebecca Bloomwood, a journalist from England. She loves to shop, oh, who's the girls on earth don't? But Becky, that's what she used to be called, has addiction about it. She has a thousand reasons to shop continuously. Nothing can stop her. Even, when her bank manager mails her, and say she has exceeded her credit card limit, she still find a way to get chance for shopping. Becky, oh Becky, I am sure, most of you, girls, will be grinning while reading the book, and think, "Oh, it's so me!". Well, i do that! Except, credit card part, and lying part.

First book share us life of single Becky, who spends her money irresponsibly, whereas she works as financial journalist! Ironic, huh? Then, she meets Luke, who's gonna be her soulmate later through funny accident. And, how finally she gets so much trouble because of her shopping habit. (Girls, read it carefully!)

And in second book, for the first time, Becky goes abroad! She visits New York, in order to Luke's job (oh yes, they are getting more serious here), and goes mad when she hangs out, and find a lot of fancy shops there! Branded things with cheap prizes! Madly, Becky always assume dollar as toy's money, because it's look unreal than poundsterling! Ooooh, big problem! When she finally faces bankruptcy, she realizes that her relationship with Luke is also broken. How can she fix it? Becky, of course can do it!

Well, short story (oh, please apologize for my laziness to review all of book), next three books tells phases of Becky's life later. How she gets married with Luke (even their marriage run dramatic! Should I say that Becky can't choose one of dress to be her wedding dress? She buys five! Holy moly), then she finds that actually she has a sister (who doesn't like to shop at all. I am serious. Can you imagine how disappointed Becky is, where she has imagined to shop together with her sister?), and gets a baby!!! Lucky baby, as a mother, Becky has bought a lot of things to you. She even plans to bought baby box with NASA technology! Superb!

Oh, well, I am a bit overjoyed. Shopaholic series are light, simple readings, you don't have to think too hard while reading them. But, the spirit (ladies, be prepared! you'll read many brands that could make you drooling over!), and messages included there. It's not about shopping, and spending your money to unimportant stuffs. We can find many messages here, affected with family and friendship, and love relationship of course. You'll learn what's most important in life, and take care of it carefully.
Interesting, funny, hilarious. One complete package for you. And, oh, guys, maybe you should read them too to know what's inside girl's head.


  1. from all the collections, shopaholic & sister dela is the book i love most:D thank u dela for the review;)!

  2. Of all Shopaholic series, the first one (Confession of A Shopaholic) is the best, I think! It's just naturally funny

  3. I love shopaholic series! ^^
    but lil` bit disappointed with the movie. But i guess Reese Witherspoon will be adorable as Becky just like in Legally blonde