Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Magical Giveaway: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Maybe all of you have watched nice movie titled "Alice In Wonderland", genius creation from Tim Burton. Have you? Nice movie, isn't it? Well, I was fascinated to see how creative, how Gothic... and how's the way he imagine about grown-up Alice. But, have you known about little Alice? I mean, her story when she first visited Wonderland?

I must admit, story of Alice in Wonderland sounds familiar to me, but actually I never read whole story. I just know, she's little girl, who slipped to the hole under the tree, and found magical world with many amazing creatures. But after that, I really don't know, how the story continues, and how it ends. So, about a week ago, I went to a bookstore, searched for this Alice book. And I found it. The one which is published by Wordsworth Classic. This book also includes its sequel, "Through the Looking Glass". I was so glad to find it's so affordable, so without thinking twice, I bought it. And, I didn't regret it.

Now, I've already finished it, and frankly it was great. Simple language, dreamlike, atmosphere, and fantastical characters with famous illustrations. And, I was thinking on time, oh, you should read it too! So, I decided to give this book for one of you. For free!!!

What you have to do are..

1. Be this blog follower.
2. Leave comment in this post. Submit your name and email.
3. Share this giveaway with your friends in your blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or whateva! Don't forget to give me the link.

This is it! Simply easy, right? I'll be waiting until.. umm.. how about the end of April? Ao, I'll announce the lucky one on May 1. I can't wait for your participation! :)



  1. Alice! Alice! Alice~

    Do we leave multiple comments for multiple entries, or does it not matter?

  2. Same to you, I know only a little about Alice. Plus I didn't get the chance to see the movie the other day. That's why I'm so exciting to find you manage a giveaway for this book! OK, I'll post it within this week.

  3. thanks sudah sudah meninggalakn komentar di blog saya. Kamu snang membaca buku berbahasa asing ya.. menarik juga. saya sendiri satu-dua saja membaca buku berbahasa Inggris.. he..he.. Sekadar rekomendasi, selain Ajip banyak penulis Indonesia yang saya favoriti seperti Seno Gumira Adjidarma, Putu Wijaya, Umar Kayam... Hmmm.,. ada rekomendasi buku untuk saya? thanks ya Dela...

  4. fca ikutan yaa kak...
    *Refica Dewita .S (fca)
    Linknya :

    Alice in wonderland! I love it and wish I could read it....

  5. sebelum kepada orang jauh lebih baik kepada orang terdekat dahulu!!!!!!

    ah tapi gw ga ngerti juga buku bahasa inggris, gimana kalo koleksi nakayoshi lovely kamu aja?? hahahahahahhahahahaa

  6. hello.. enter me, please

    Alice in Wonderland tu udah jd kisah favoritku sejak kecil, part of my childhood memories.. duluuu aku baca versi "Pilih sendiri petualanganmu" Disney.
    Aku suka bgt karakter Alice yg diilustrasikan berambut pirang dan berbaju biru muda.. stuck in my head for very very long time, even until now
    Belum nonton sih versi movie terbarunya n lom baca original book-nya :p

    oya, I'm already a follower
    my name: Dessy

    and here's the link for this giveaway in my blog

  7. wowwww..... Alice in the wonderland.... as much as i wanna win the give away, but i already had the book... hehehehhe.... bantu promosiin aja deh ntar ya..... :)

  8. loovveee fantasy.. hopefully become the winner of this one..

    help you pimp this in my blog!!!

    you rock!!

  9. Oops, I forgot to give you the URL of my post:

  10. Hi... sure i like Alice(my nickname is alice in wonderland)... because i think i live in weird and crazy world now like Alice ^^. this is my blog link: and this is URL of my post:
    i already add ur blog in my blogroll... hope you don't mind...

  11. wa... really excited with this giveaway.. thanks a lot dela!

    im already your follower, and this is my link

    hopefully i get the book!

    email :

  12. Halo. Ini Ria dari "Ria&Kristina Diary". Seneng deh ketemu blogger penggemar buku seperti Dela (dan Mbak Fanda, juga Jessie Monica, temen sekampung saya). Saya juga salah satu kutu buku dan kutu loncat (tapi nggak kutu celana dalam). Ampe muka saya mirim ama pinjal. Jadi tugasnya apa? Posting tentang Alice in Wonderland di blog saya? (setelah cerita seremnya tamat kali ya? Sori rada nggak mudengan). Pokoknya salam blogger deh Dela. Oiya, itu Alice memang cerita yang OK banged, sebenernya cerita sindiran terhadap anggota parlemen Inggris dan Lewis Caroll adalah salah satu anggota juga, dia pake nama samaran dan menggambarkan dirinya sebagai Dodo (nama aslinya Dodgson). Aku baru baca versi aslinya engg...sekitar 8 bulan yang lalu. Dari dulu, tahunya cuman pilem kartun di TPI. Eniwei, makaih sudah berkunjung dan baca blogku. xxx

  13. Wah salah. Dela, saya kira kamu yang nicknamenya Alice in Wonderland. Maap2 (tapi gapapalah skalian promosi). Salam kenal! *sumpah, jadi orang gaptek itu susah*

  14. hi..hi... salam kenal mbak Dela.. ikutan giveaway-nya ah...

    I love Alice, love the book, love the movie :)

    Ferina (

  15. salam, coba ikutan semoga bisa beruntung..sebelumnya salam kenal saya darma orang makassar..membaca buku adalah salah stu kegemaran saya..ada beberapa buku yang telah saya baca walaupun jarang meresensinya di blog..semoga buku tentang alice ini menjadi kado yang indah untukku di awal mei...hehehehe

  16. hey, I'm joining.

    Name: Hana

    the link:

    *fingers crossed*
    thank you!

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  18. I already watch the flicks and it was great.
    wondering how's the whole story beyond the movie in this book? haha.

    my name is Khairisa. and my bloglink is here :

  19. I'm Aik, and here's my e-mail:
    aikychien at yahoo dot com

    I tweeted:

  20. hello, i'm Vina (

    i posted about your giveaway here:

    i hope i can win! :D

  21. i posted a link on tumblr too!

  22. Salam kenal..
    Dari tempat Mbak Fanda langsung kesini. Baca-baca dulu ya ^_^

  23. I love Alice. really a classic story .I guess so.Coz I dont really understand the story.Sure it will be nice reading it rather than watch it on movie.

    Well,I will starting pray to GOD every day so I can win these (with Alice style):D

    Please, make my dream come true.Lemme walking in dream world.

    trust Alice said
    When I Use a Word, It Means Just What I Choose It to mean, Neither More nor Less.

    I already become ur follower and I have put the giveaway link on my blog

  24. aah here my email,I was forgotten

  25. Aaah me want this! I love books and the illustration of this book looks so damn cool. I've read Alice in Wonderland once, but it was my friend's book. So I'd be so happy if I can have a copy of it in my bookshelf. Anyways, thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)) Now I have a chance to get this lovely book

    I've followed your blog, and posted about this marvelous giveaway here-->

    Silmi Sabila

  26. i tweet your giveaway here:

  27. aawh...a book!
    aawh...fantasy book!


    me want me want *blinking eyes*

    kartika dani

    im your follower
    and i posted it here:

  28. alice!!! a very captivating classic!
    i would really like to have one! :D

    i've followed your blog, and i've blog & tweet about this giveaway: