Saturday, April 17, 2010

Janda-Janda Kosmopolitan by Andrei Aksana

Funny to see how I adore foreign books than our own domestic book. But, about a week ago, I decided to give a try to a metropop for Indonesian writer.

Janda-Janda Kosmpolitan (in English it means "Cosmopolitan Widows") written by Andrei Aksana, published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama.


Rossa become a widow in her young age. Married instantly, divorced rapidly. However, she meets Inge and Dilla, two pretty women who had similar marriage failure. How do they struggle with "widow" label attached on their name? Missed and abandoned. Teased and underestimated.

Could they survive without men? Silent night, cold bed.

Love comes and leaves in Rossa's life. Who will she choose? Charming man who gives her Bvlgari diamond's ring? Or, high school boy, her niece's boyfriend, who delivers her a bucket of red rose?

I can't stop laughing when I read this book. It's absolutely both entertaining and educating. Andrei Aksana uses very light words, simple jokes, but however successfully makes me simply smile, and sometimes laugh. He describes cosmopolitan world very well. Well, for me, who are far far away from cosmopolitan world, I can imagine it with my own way. Glamorous dress, 12 cm high heels, make-up, luxurious lunch. 

Rossa, described as middle-age woman, has one daughter, struggle with her loneliness. What makes it harder is her position as a widow. In our country ( I have no idea in other countries), widow often be underestimated. Especially, young ones. Rossa and her two friends should face it every day. They find many men keeping away from them, because their status. And, for Rossa, her daughter Adys, sometimes can be boundary for every guys who like her.

And, Nunung comes. Nunung is Rossa's new housemaid, but different from usual housemaid, Nunung is high-educated, has excellent style, loves to read, simply she is no house-maid like. She states that Indonesia's future laid on house-maid's hand, because they often spend time with their boss' kids. When she waits for Adys in school park, Nunung meets other house-maids. With her faith, she teaches other maids to start reading, demand for their rights.

Nunung and Rossa, two women from different culture. But, you can see how beautiful their friendship are. They prove that boss and maid can be together, while they have so many differences.

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