Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver

Lincoln Rhyme, ex reliably forensic detective, had to quit his job because after having an accident, he suffered from quadriplegic, a condition of neck to toe paralysis. Helpless with his life, Lincoln, who now has 24-hours "nanny", was trying to do suicide. After many failed attempts, finally he found someone who able to help him kill himself. But before he could do it, an old friend, his ex co-worker, comes and ask for help.
A couple got a cab from airport, but they never arrived to their destination. Few hours later, a police woman found a piece of hand, buried in ground, partially skinned so the bones is seen. It is belong to one of the cab passenger. The cab driver is The Bone Collector.
The Bone Collector is murderer and kidnapper. Obsessed with New York City history, he did his crime methodically, by leaving some clues and implicit messages. Too bad, only Rhymes could understand the meaning of his messages. So, Rhyme has to choose whether he keep doing his suicidal mission, or help finding The Bone Collector and rescuing his live victims.

This is my first Jeffery Deaver's and I love it! Well, I doubted it at first, underestimated and compared it with James Patterson's Cross series,but turns out that Lincoln Rhyme has his own charming. Feel depressed with his life, his fire is lighten back when he faces some interesting cases. While he couldn't stand with his own feet and examine things as he used to be in forensic, he used help from Amelia Sachs.
Amelia Sachs, attractive policewoman (and by the way, played by Angelina Jolie in the adaptation movie), found a piece of skinned hand, in her last day of work. She hates her job, so she want to get out from it quickly, but trapped with Rhyme instead. She is forced to do Rhyme's job, examining crime scene, stay longer even when corpse smell disturbs her so much.
Both makes good team, and I like how Sachs feels comfortable with Rhyme, because unlike other men who underestimate her and treat her like an object of sex, Rhyme trusts her, and treat her equally. I am not sure where it will go, but I read it somewhere that they will become a couple. Uh, really? I prefer team-mate actually.
The best of it is the thrilling part, how I hoped that the victims were alive, and Rhyme was able to save them. And then I would wonder whether he was fast enough to solve the clue? And, don't be surprised, you'll find a big shocker in the ending! So, yay for The Bone Collector, and I can't wait to have my second Jeffery Deaver!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 by Donny Dhirgantoro

Well, I guess I put my expectations for second book of Donny Dhirgantoro beyond this. The first book "5 cm", in my opinion is very genius yet motivating book. Too bad, I didn't found any of them in this second book. The theme is quite interesting, about badminton development in Indonesia. While everyone is busy talking about football, Donny tries to remind us how Indonesia had been reaching its heyday in badminton few years ago. Gusni, a main character here, has abnormality since she was born. Her weight was twice than normal baby. When she grows up, she becomes bigger and bigger, and her weight scale is never coming down. Her parents and sister, Gita, are concerned about this fact, but they never discuss it with her until she's mature enough.

When Susi Susanti won her first gold medal in World Olympic, Gusni and Gita was brazing the moment in their mind. Gita, vocally, told his father that she want to be a badminton player. After that, Gita started to exercise, joined club, competed, and won many badminton competition. Gusni, who see her sister's success, told her parents that she would like to join badminton too, in order to make them proud of her. Her parents were objected, and tried to postpone Gusni's will as long as they can. They were worried, that Gusni was not strong enough to take hard exercise, yet she didn't have good posture for a badminton player.

But, after Gusni met Harry, a man with ambitious dream, she was reminded of her postponed dream, playing badminton. She asked her parents, who had finally revealed the secret which they hidden for a long time. The secret shocked Gusni, but not stopping her to play. She didn't care what she looks like, how hard she had to try, as long as she could play badminton.

I really enjoy Gusni's fight against her parents, her weight, and people's presumption about her. Donny write the epic story about a young girl who tries to survive her life, makes her parents proud, and tries giving something to her country. But, I don't find Donny's motivating aura, as I found in first book. Maybe it's just me, but in the few chapters, I don't catch the jokes. It seems unfunny to me. I also don't feel the soul of the games. I don't found any breathtaking moments, as I found in 5 cm. As I said before, maybe I put expectation beyond, because of his first book.

But, after all, it's a good book, reminding us of how great our country is, flicking us, and encouraging us to stay focusing to things that makes us proud to this country.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comical Time!

Who loves Comics? I love comics! Almost everyone I know like reading comics. I especially love one comes from Japan or Korea, or what they called manga. So, it must sound shallow, but in this post I’ll share you my favorite comics all time. So, ready?
 Sailor Moon – Naoko Takeuchi
The story is about a careless high school girl, named Usagi Tsukino. She is an ordinary girl with no specialties. But someday, a magical speaking cat with moon sign in its head comes, and gives her a power to change herself being a powerful and beautiful superhero. And as if that’s not tempting enough, she found that she is actually a reincarnation from Serenity, Moon Princess. All girls dream, right? Has a superhero’s power, pretty sailor custom, jewelry as weapon, a princess from the moon, and don’t forget to mention pretty ladies, who always stay around and make you safe. And the handsome prince! Superb!
What I like most is the beautiful drawing (well, I judge comics mostly from its drawing, so while you saying, the story is good, but I found no cute drawings there, and goodbye). And after that, I really like her imagination. Naoko Takeuchi uses her imagination for naming its character. Each superhero names are taken from planets name in our solar system. When she runs out planet, she begins to take some asteroid names, and other celestials.
In Indonesia, Sailor Moon ends at Chapter 18. Well, as happy ending lover, I can say it quite satisfies me, although they can make the ending much better than this.

Detective Conan – Aoyama Gosho

It’s the longest running manga series I’ve been following. It tells about a high school genius boy, who one day, suddenly transforms into an elementary school kiddo, because of a strange medicine, created by secretive organization. Shinichi Kudo, the boy, who’s now 5 years old, is able to live in Ran Mouri’s house, his childhood friend (he falls in love in Ran actually, but has not able to tell his feeling yet and the shrink accident happens. But do you think it is so lucky of him, that he could be anywhere near her, while she has no idea who he is?), whose father is Kogoro Mouri, a slow brainless detective, who rarely solves any cases. And with some tools, discovered by Professor Agasha, his former neighbor who knows his identity, Shinichi (who named himself Conan Edogawa after he changes into a kid) help Kogoro silently to solve cases, and hope that someday there will be cases involving secret organization which has turned him.
It has reached 71st volume (while in Indonesia the 63th volume is just published), and I’ve been reading it since I was elementary school! Wow, considering that now I am a working girl, it’s such as an achievement, right?

C.M.B – Motohiro Katou
C, M, and B is rings name, first given out by the British Queen in the 19th century to three men chosen to be protectors of the knowledge of the British Museum. The rings are inherited to three selected people, who are proper and suitable for their job as protectors. Shinra Sakaki, a boy with a mysterious past, was adopted by three ring holders. They all agreed to appoint Shinra as their heir, and it makes Shinra become a first person who keeps the three rings together. Although Shinra has never been to school, he is very knowledgeable. He speaks multi language, and possesses at least university-level knowledge. Shinra is the cousin of protagonist of the manga Q.E.D, Sou Toma ( I really like this manga too, but I don’t follow it, just read it randomly). Shinra often uses his knowledge to solve mystery cases related to murder, fraud, etc, along with his classmates, Tatsuki Nanase.

Gals!  - Mihona Fuji
The series revolves around the kogal subculture in Japan. The title character, Kotobuki Ran (Ran Kotobuki is the self-proclaimed "world's greatest gal." As a teenager in Shibuya, she's determined to live out the gal lifestyle for the rest of her life, and she has gained a reputation as the most respected gal in all of Shibuya. However, she comes from a family of police officers—her grandparents, her parents, and her older brother are all officers, and her younger sister is set on following in their footsteps. Ran has other dreams for her future, but as frequently shown, she has acquired the family's sense of justice and spirit.
Gals! doesn't always showcase Ran's point of view. It really consists of teenagers who live the same life as regular students and kogals in Japan. There's romance, troubles, drama and insecurities, especially Miyu and Aya's (since they take their relationships much more seriously than Ran).
This series illustrate the fun of youth life in Japan, their unique fashion, tradition, and culture. In Indonesia, the series end after 10th volume.

So, I’ve told you mine. What is your favorite comic? SHARE HERE!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tea for Two by Clara Ng

Tea for Two is Matchmaking Company, owned by Sassy. For her, there are no bigger responsibility and happiness than set up two strangers, and then bring them to most expected moment in life: MARRIAGE!
Live happily ever after. This is Tea for Two’s motto, which sounds nice.
But wait!
Is it true that marriage is the only way to be happy? Is marriage always full of happiness, flower, and romantically beautiful? The truth is, Sassy’s own marriage is facing a big problem. Secret lies, which is transforming slowly into big ones. Domestic violence. And all is started with infatuating romance, and ended with brutalism.
It could happen to you. It could happen to anybody.

This book epically tells us about bad side of marriage. Not intended to scare us of marriage, but teach us to be warned, to think logically, to be careful, because a Mr. Right is able to change into Mr. Totally Wrong.
Look Sassy. Successful career woman in her twenty something. Has her own company, which is reaching its peak. Pretty. Has four lovable, caring friends.  Smart, of course. Independent.
So, when one day, she met Alan, a young professional, handsome, wealthy, and dreamy, she thought that she’s already found her Mr. Right. What else does she look after? And after eight months, they got married.
At their honeymoon, Alan slapped Sassy.
It’s so unpredictable. How could Smart Sassy not be able to observe its sign, that Alan is violated person, freaky jealous husband? But, love conquers all. Although Alan continues his cruelty, in the name of love, Sassy hides it all. From her mother. From her best friends. From the world. Even after a baby comes between them, Alan becomes more and more aggressive. Not only physically, but also verbally. He forbids Sassy to hang out with her friends, asks her to quit from his company, and sell them.
And Sassy, who we’ve known previously, is so independent, is defeated. She is scared, not be able to leave her husband. She leaves once, but Sassy always thinks a million reasons to return.
How does Sassy solve its problem?
The best thing that we can learn is even the strongest woman needs help when they face such as domestic violence. Some women maybe could runaway easily, leave it all behind, but the rest of them are scared. Scared of loneliness, scared of reputation, scared of not to be loved. In Sassy’s case, we could see, that love is like heroine for her. And, after a while, she becomes familiar with Alan’s habit, and treats it as if it’s ordinary routine. It’s fearful, realizing how women can accept awful behavior, just because they are used to it.
This book is beautiful in its own way. It’s giving spirit, revealing some facts, which is maybe we’ve known before, but we choose to ignore it. Good way, Clara Ng.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

War carries away life luxury and revolutionizes many people’s life forever, including March family.
It requires many efforts for March sisters to live their teenage dream in the middle of war. Meg, has been living extravagance life like a lady for a long time, have to put out of sight her dignity and be a baby sitter.  Jo, second sister, always feels responsible to replace Daddy’s role, who has leaved to be a priest in war. Beth, third sister, has fragile physical condition, and often sick, even almost dying. And Amy, last sister, spoiled girl, who still expects that their life will be back like it used to be.
They prove that problems are not strong enough to break their family bonds. Little Woman is a piece of classic about four young women who always believe, that happiness will come after suffering sorrows.

Usually, I don’t read classics. For me, classic novels need patience to understand them, a lot of metaphors, long boring sentences. But, when I see this novel, I remember I had read it in comic version when I was a kid (I forget the publisher). So I decided to grab one, and ended with no regret at all.
So, as summary says, the center of story is March sisters. As classics, it has slow plot, tells every details of the sisters, their character, daily life. It starts with few days before Christmas (or was it Christmas Eve? I am not clear about it), and the sisters gather, talk about their previous life when they could easily get what they want as Christmas gift. They feel sorry, because they are so penniless in this Christmas, and their mother isn’t capable to give them any gifts. But, when they are competing who is the most inferior among them, Meg reminds them that they are so lucky, that they are able to celebrate Christmas together, with their lovely mother, jokes with each other, and have a warm foods.
Along the novel, we can recognize more of each sister’s personality. Amy often thinks that she can’t compete with her wealthy friends at school, tries to impress them one day, by buying orange sweets for her friends, but it turns to be heartbreaking. Beth, always scared of people, only hang out with her dolls and loves to play piano, one day finds the most beautiful piano she ever seen in her life. But too bad, it is belongs to Mr. Laurence, a grumpy neighbor. How does Beth solve her frightening and come to Mr. Laurence’s house?
Jo, by far is my favorite character, tries to protect her family at all time. She befriend with Laurie, Mr. Laurence’s grandson. Her tomboy personality often brings trouble for her. She is easily gets angry, and it makes Amy injured one day. Jo is persistent too, she insists that Meg should have rich husband, and doesn’t give her blessing when Meg’s in love with an ordinary man.
Finally, Meg, the older one, is the most beautiful sisters. She used to live lady-like, make harder for her to live averagely. She loves party, but often embarrassed with her own dress and accessories. But she’ll understand that all of it doesn’t matter much, as long as you have good family and love with you.
Beside them, there are other characters, like March mother, a wise mom, who always educates the sisters, and reminds them if they are doing any mistakes. Hanna, March loyal house keeper, Mr. Laurence and his grandson, Laurie, neighbor next door, and Mr. Brooke, Laurie’s private teacher. Some of them bring happiness to March sisters, and some of them bring them life-changing.
Little Women is a masterpiece novel, which tells us about love between four sisters, who have different personality, and teach us to struggle in our life, no matter how hard it is.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sebelas Patriot by Andrea Hirata

Ikal found an old picture of a man, wore football custome, held shinning champion cup, but looked so sad. He is curious, who he is, why he looks so devastated after winning a game? He asked her mother, but she only told him to put the picture, back to where it belong. Ikal kept it silently, and determined to found out the story of the man in the picture.

Who would have thought that the picture brought old story, which makes Ikal realize that before his father become a poor,ordinary tin miner, he was a hero. A sad story but finally gives Ikal huge spirit to continue his father's struggle to achieve a purpose. Make the world knows Indonesia is here. Make everyone's proud to be an Indonesian. Will he succeed?

Andrea Hirata comes again with his novel, called Sebelas Patriot. While everyone is issuing if Ikal's character is real or not, he still use first perspective in this novel. It doesn't bother me, I haven't got bored with Ikal anyway.
What makes me interested, this novel contains about nasionalism spirit, a thing that forgotten this day. Ikal's story simply tells us how a picture could bring a passion to love his country more. He loves Indonesia with his own way, continuing his father's journey,by playing football. He dreams high, hope someday he could be national player, and defend national team in world championship.

Some part of this stories make me shudder. There's a time that I realize how many times I complain about this country, but have no action about it. The other parts make me sad, remember our football institution's chaos. When some people tries to achieve the best, and make Indonesia proud, some people screw it, staining it with money and politic.

After all, it's a good book. Hopefully you can gain some goodness from this book. And by the way, it comes with a CD, contain songs, written by Andrea Hirata himself. I haven't tried it, but it's said that the songs complete the story. You feel real deal!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Omerta by Mario Puzo

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Omerta introduces a new Mafia family worthy of the Corleones and the Clericuzios: the family of Don Raymonde Aprile. Their story begins in Sicily in 1967, when the dying Don Vincenzo Zeno—"the last of the true Mafia chiefs"—entrusts the young Raymonde Aprile with the task of raising his soon-to-be-orphaned two-year-old son, Astorre. Following this brief prologue, the novel moves forward nearly 30 years to the world of contemporary New York. Don Raymonde is now retired and has realized one of the great dreams of the career criminal: He has become legitimate. In the grand tradition of the American robber barons, he has extricated himself from all illegal activities, helped his children establish themselves in safe, prestigious professions, and become "a gentleman banker and pillar of society." Three years after his retirement, he is shot to death on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral by a pair of professional hit men.

Omerta is a kind of mafia story, well told by Mario Puzo, as his another novel, The Godfather. Both novels have interesting plot, and strong characteristic, although I like Michael Corleone way better than this Don Astorre. The story is started when Don Zeno, a great mafioso, is dying, and worrying about his only son's future. He decided to ask one of his three musketeers to look after his son, and raise him as good mafioso. 
Don Aprille, one who was chosen, took Astorre to America, introduced him as long cousin. Astorre is great singer, he loves riding horses, and Aprille gave him a macaroni factory to be taken care of. Astorre live wealthy, together with Aprille children, until he grows up, and Aprille start to take him to Sicilia, and tell him that he should start to learn to be a Mafioso.

And, when someone try to kill Aprille, and succeed, Astorre use his resources to find the killer, no matter what it takes. He has to face federal corruption, wild police, and he doesn't know who's really fair and honest, and who's trying to kill him. And, when he's finally find who must be responsible to Aprille's murder, he must struggle with revenge, mercy, and protection to Aprille's children.

Mafia's characteristic is extraordinarily contradiction. In one side, mafia is sadistic murder, no mercy, powerful businessman, and tough negotiator. But in another side, mafias often have good heart, limitless kindness to everyone, young, old, poor, and rich. I have to say,this is really a good book, although in my opinion. Puzo never had successfully pictured a mafia's behavior development as he wrote about Michael Corleone. But by reading this book, you'll be stunned by Sicillian Law, how mafias keep their promise to each other, and how they could do a sweet revenge when someone of them get hurt. Another good job, Mr. Puzo!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


What will you do if one day you wake up, did your daily activities, had a breakfast, went to your officem and suddenly no one know you? Your identity is not exist, nobody recognize you, and like it wasn't enough, everyone will start to look through your body, as if you aren't there, or you're transparant! And all of this is because you help one dirty homeless wounded girl a night before.

Richard Mayhew is young and normal businessman. Have a busy life, overloaded work, and beautiful fiancee. One day, when he and his fiancee was going to have dinner with his fiancee's boss, they found a bleeding girl in dark corridor. Richard insisted to help her, while his fiancee tried to stop him, and even threatened him to leave, or she will break up with him. Richard chose to help the girl, later he know that her name is Door, and leave his fiancee behind.

After helping her, suddenly she disappered and one by one troubles come after Richard. While he desperately tried to get his old life back, he found a mysterious door to a world called London Underground. It seems real and similar to London City, but stranger and more dangerous. How will Richard struggle to get his life back?

Well, this book was compelling me not to stop reading unless I've finished it. I like fantasy story, but this is one is more mature, it's like bedtime story for adult. Gaiman epicly forced us to imagine how dark London Underground is, he even inserted a city map. There are many weird and scary characters, places where you can't imagine, and adventures. Door and her fellowhips planned to find out why her all family were murdered, and Richard was obliged to accompany them, in return they promise to give his old life back. But, who knows it will be so dangerous? He must negotiate with a mouse politely, crossing a life requested-bridge, finding an ANGEL, and questioning his faith. And after long journey, he has to accept the fact that they have one traitor in their companion, and almost fail them to the end.

Somewhat, in his seriousness, Gailman still able to insert some humours, that makes me laugh among the tension. Richard is described full of sarcasm, and what funny is most of his companion didn't realize that it was sarcasm.

And, when you come to the end, guarantee that you'll be surprised! Who did the murder, what its purpose, and why Door's family is so important for this world. Be prepared to receive a mindblowing ending ever in the history of fantasy book. :D

After that, home is a place where your heart is. :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf


Calli Clark, a selective mutism since she was 4 years old. Dreamer, sweet, and calming.
Petra Gregory, a talkactive girl. Cheerfull, brave, and extraordinary.

They are best friends. These seven years old girls always come together, Petra is used to be Calli's voice. Nobody know how could Petra understand what's inside Calli's mind, what she likes to eat, what she wants to play, what she needs to do. Petra receives Calli just the way she is, and vice versa.

And one gloomy morning, both of them had disappeared. Nobody saw them, their parents took them into each other bed at previous night, and found it's empty in the morning.

Sheriff Louis is Calli's mother's -Antonia- best friend. He even had a history with her. Would he tell Antonia that he suspected Griff, Calli's violent father, Antonia's husband, who had kidnapped Calli? Was Griff do it?And why did he take Petra with them?

The Weight of Silence tells about family, how different people come and unite a family, and don't recognize how different they are, until a tragedy happens. First chapter brought me into fast adrenaline, when one of the girls is dragged to forest, and the other girl follow them. Next chapter is really riveting, it has slow plot, like every family drama novel, explain every character's background and history. The center is Calli's mutism, how an active girl turned to a total silence one, what has happened when she saw her mother's miscarriage 3 years ago. Then, how her mutism affected her family. Her mother is frustated, her father is becoming more severe drunker, and often do violence to Calli and her brother.

Then come Petra, a genuine young girl, who always help Calli at school. She help her against mean kids, and scary subtitute teacher. What interesting is Petra's characteristic, which is likeable person. She always comes with outstanding ideas, frequently assist her father's problematic students. Who knows that someday it'll turn against her?

This is the first time I read Heather Gudenkauf's, and she reminds me to Jody Picoult. They both have similar note, detailed characterization, ordinary life with twisted family's secret. I enjoy it page by page, not in hurry to know who's the kidnapper, and it feels good to know, even in the worst family, there's love indeed. Life is choices, and you'll see how every characters make a choice, regret it, and be grateful after realizing that their bad choices bring some kindness after all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dimsum Terakhir by Clara Ng

Have read various review about this book, and made me curious. Some said it was breathtaking, amazing, some said it was ordinary, too dramatic, way too much. Well, I should read by myself, I think. Thanks to Vixxio, which always provide me with high quality and cheap used books, I got this one with very affordable prize.

So, the story is about Chinese quadruplets, Siska, Indah, Rosi, and Novera. They live separately, busy with their own life, try to deal with their own secret, when suddenly they hear bad news from their father, who lives alone, just companied by two fat cats. Nung, their father suffer by stroke, which requiring them to reunited. When they are forced to live together while taking care of their father, they figure out each other's secret, and try to understand one another.

I loved how Clara could share how beautiful Nung's family is. They share warmth and love among difficulty between Chinese at that time, fight between sisters, health issues, personality, and religion. I feel much love, even when the sisters shouted each other at anger. Love is all I feel from this book. And family bond.

Even, when some problems are way too much, I say we're still able to enjoy this book. Learn how different these quadruplets personality, from the older to younger, Siska with her autonomy, perfectionist Indah, Rosi who likes to talk and fussy, and calm Novera. Their colorful life, Siska, successful business woman, which often travel abroad, Indah, booming writer who has no idea what to write in her second book, Rosi, as her name, a rose farmer, and Novera, teacher who wants to be a nun. Each of them keep secrets, which try to be revealed by Nung, who wants hear truths from his daughter before he dies.

I should admit that I got tearful when I read final chapters. How deep is a father's love, so he can receive his daughters the way they are. How brave Nung face his death after revealing his daughters secrets one by one. Well, I am impressed with this book. Two thumbs up, Clara!

Oh, and thank you so much for Vixxio. Visit their website, facebook, and twitter for getting some interesting offers! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Avalon High seems like an ordinary high school, which has ordinary students. There are Lance, the athlete, Jennifer, the cheerleader, and Will, senior class president, quarterback, and role model.

Not everyone seems like their real.. even for Elle. As new student, who just moves recently, Elle will find her identity. What role will she play at Avalon High ongoing drama? What if series of weird events and coincidences that happen to her, means tragedy? And what if she isn't able to prevent this tragedy?

It's been a while since I read Meg Cabot's book. I still be a loyal reader of Mediator, tough. Meg Cabot's books are always labeled with "Teenlit", and it makes me a bit lazy to pick them up from book stores. Well, an exception happened one day, when I just feel like reading a light novel. So, here Avalon High, first book.

Well, I am not regretting it, in fact I find this book is interesting. Meg Cabot has a wide wild imagination, and in this book she includes her wide learning of King Arthur's life. She mixes it with high school life, which makes it more interesting, because who doesn't want read about high school drama story, right? :D

I've tempted to google about King Arthur, his life, his loyal knights, Guinevere, Merlin, and Camelot, since reading this book. It's fun, I should admit it. But if you don't want take it seriously, grab this book for your side snack, distracts you from your heavy reading material. It works. Not too deep, but not too shallow.

I've watched its movie, and found it was interesting, although I saw many differences from its book. But they are both good in their own way. So, happy reading everyone! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Untuk Indonesia Yang Kuat by Ligwina Hananto

I was stunned after reading this book. Well, it turned that I still have many financial homeworks that should be done. It changed my mind that savings solve everything. It wiped away my previous mindset about money. And I thought that I have to do something to begin my financial revolution! And first step is spread the information of THE BOOK to you all. Let's make ourselves better, people! :)

What makes me interesting, this book is written for middle class. Middle class is like most people in Indonesia, live proper, able to shop, able to hang out in coffee shop, able to go to the cinema, able to take vacation once a year. This book is about strengthening the middle class, how we feel enough about our financial life, but it turns out that we don't have any plan to spend our old life by doing nothing and living with proper pension life. What I mean by doing nothing is we don't have to work our ass off in those ages in order to    live. It turns out that we don't have any educational fund plan to our future kids.

Exhausted yet? Don't.
It's not as scary as you think. Well, you should be scary, but this book helps you a lot. For beginner, like fresh graduate, for who have been married, it's not too late to get any help. This book explains financial lightly, simplified language, even interesting layout. You won't get bored like reading other financial books (eeew, I know your feeling, novel readers!), you'll get excited page by page.

If you want to know more, please visit the website. Never too late to start. Be rich! Decide what's your purpose. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Test Pack by Ninit Yunita

Ninit is one of female writer who can make me laugh out loud reading her books. Her writings is funny, but always have simplified meanings. Test Pack is one of her old story, I read it once when I was in high school, and I found myself happy when she announced that they'll republish it.

It is love story about married couple, Tata and Rahmat, who has lived this marriage for seven years. As other ordinary couple, they wish to have baby soon. Tata desperately tries every way, even when she realizes that when you've already married, child is an unmentioned successful symbol for women, symbol of perfection. Rahmat, who also wants a baby so bad, but still looks calm, just to settle down his wife. What will they do if their patience has reached its limit, and everything turn to rage?

One thing for sure, I learned a lot from this book. This story is very real, we can also live their life. There are many "what if" in marriage, that could bring us to failure. One of them is the existence of kids. This book asks us to rethink our true reason to get married. Do we get married just for having kids? Or, do we get married to complete our life by spending the rest of our life with our soulmate? There is no right or wrong answers because we all have our own perception of marriage purpose. So do Tata and Rahmat.

So, I am not exaggerating when I say "Don't get married before reading this book!" (as Hagi Hagiromo says in its cover). For you who will get married soon, it's not too late to rush to the nearest book shop and get a copy! :D

Happy reading, couples!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

I always admired physic! Since I was on junior high, I found myself excited when physic came. And then, luckily, when I was on high school, I had this one great teacher, Mr. Amen, who loves Stephen Hawking a lot. From him, I learned about Hawking, how great he is, with all his disability, he keep thinking, keep learning, and keep finding something new about this universe.

But, I have to admit, that Hawking's book is not easy to be understood. When I first read History of Brief Time (my 2nd grade in senior high school) I remember that I often found myself shook my head, open physic dictionary on and on, frowned, and confused. There were many, many difficult and confusing words. I asked a lot to my teacher, but it didn't help me much.

Yesterday, I went to Aksara and found this book. I was so exciting. Actually, this is a sequel from George's Secret Key to the Universe, who has been published by Gramedia several years ago. Basically this book tells about George, a kid who loves astronomy, and desires to be physicians one day. He has neighbors, called Eric and Annie. In first book, it tells that Eric has super mega computer, named Cosmos, which able to open portal to everywhere in the universe. It's super cool, huh? Remind you to Doraemon's magic door.

The 2nd book tells us that Annie finds a weird message from broken Cosmos. She hardly guess that it comes from intelligent extraterrestrial outside there. So, guess what? She invite George to come with her, travel to Mars!

It's only fiction, but Hawking insert some real theories and explanation among the fiction. So you can learn the real theories of planets, black hole, speed of light, galaxies and so on. Well, I bet you like it, this book is also completed by some great colored picture. You'll see The Blue Marble, the first Earth image, who was taken from space. Teenagers or adults, I think you both will enjoy this book.