Monday, May 31, 2010

Can You Help Me?

I've been busy this whole week, and it could be said that I almost had no time for reading. So, please apologize if you haven't found any newest reviews here.

Well, June is coming! I had great May, and hopefully June will be as well too. I'll arrange a HUGE GIVEAWAY in July. I will prepare A LOT OF BOOKS. Hahaha, hope you all interested. My birthday is on July, and of course I am gonna sharing my happiness to you. Well, I am growing older, but it really doesn't matter right?

To make sure that you are going to get happy, I'd like to invite you to tell me what books should I prepare for the giveaway. Maybe you have to wait for a month, but feel free to share what books do you want to get for free. Comment here, share, you can insert one, two, three, as many as you can! XD

Waiting for your entries here. Or you can tweet me @deladacrea!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult

What does it mean to be a good mother?
How far would you go in the name of love -- and justice?

In the course of her everyday work, career-driven assistant district attorney Nina Frost prosecutes child molesters and works determinedly to ensure that a legal system with too many loopholes keeps these criminals behind bars. But when her own five-year-old son, Nathaniel, is traumatized by a sexual assault, Nina and her husband, Caleb, a quiet and methodical stone mason, are shattered, ripped apart by an enraging sense of helplessness in the face of a futile justice system that Nina knows all too well. In a heartbeat, Nina's absolute truths and convictions are turned upside down, and she hurtles toward a plan to exact her own justice for her son -- no matter the consequence, whatever the sacrifice.

I was crying while reading this book. I swear I never felt heart-broken before while reading a book. In middle of page, I even put off it and almost decided not to finish it. It's too hurting. But, as I am a bookworm, I took it back, and started reading again. For everyone, who have read Sister's Keeper, or Salem Falls, should have known how Picoult aware about morality and law, how it can be opposite but sometimes mistakes should be executed to get better life. Maybe we have to take very hard decision, which break a law, but we think that it should be done for our future.

That's what Nina Frost does. She is an attorney, but also a mother. Her feeling is broken when she knows Nathaniel, her son, becoming sex violence victim. While Nathaniel is traumatized, he becomes mute, and not able to inform who had performed it to him. Nathaniel, who was active kid before, like to ask around, talkative, turns to vegetative boy, silent, and often try to do suicidal.

When Nathaniel finally tells Nina who's the offender, Nina must take reality that imperfect States law of sex assault can give freedom to suspect. So, Nina takes a decision, brave decision, which able to change her life forever.

I even can't choose side here. I know that Nina is doing mistakes, very huge one, but for God sake, she is doing it for her son. I'll have no idea what am I gonna to do, if I am in her position. Nina have to sacrifice everything to protect her son, and maybe other children, who maybe will be treated the same, if they release the suspect. So once again, right and wrong is gray area, huh? We'll never know the difference. It always change in different condition.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vice Versa by Alanda Kariza

" Koreksi saya jika salah, tapi saya merasa Tuhan telah memilihkan kamu untuk saya." (Yudhis - Bunga)
Do you believe in love at first sight? Or fairy tale, which states that you'll meet your prince charming and live happily ever after? That's what Diandra believes inside her heart. That someday, she will find her prince, marry him, and live happy life together. So, what's going on next, when she should marry with Yudhis, her mother's choice, man coming nowhere, and she even hasn't known him before! Will their marriage work? Or, maybe Diandra will leave Yudhis, and try to find her true love?

That's synopsis of Bunga, one of 18 short stories written by young writer, Alanda Kariza. Remember her? I was once interviewing her a moment before her stories compilation is published. I was so excited for waiting her book launching, but too bad because of some family business, I couldn't be there. But still, I bought her book, without any expectations.

Be honest, I was assuming this book as teenlit. You know, some love story for teenagers, which is always ending happily, or impossible love that happened between two teenagers, but finally after all they can reunite. But, when I read first story, Vice Versa, I know I've been wrong. Yes, it's a book of love story, but Alanda writes it maturely. The characters are varied, from adults, teens, even kids. Variety love is written here. Love to our lover. Love to our family. Love to our dream. Every stories have different ending, and they're all meaningful. Honestly, I don't believe it's all coming out from 19's Alanda. It's compliment, dear! :)

My favorite piece is Bunga, love story between Yudhis and Diandra, which is shared above. I obviously learn a lot from their relationship. Then, 98. Breathtaking. Rumah Impian Annisa. Touching. Buku dan Gula Ayah. Inspiring. Oh, should I mention them one by one? I am pretty sure you'll love this book. I've only spent an hour to read this book, but after that I reopen it from beginning and start to re-read my favorite story. Thank you, Alanda. I have learned a lot from you in an hour. :)

Good job, Terrant! And if I may give a little suggestion, I think this book is a bit expensive. Well, I know you provide extra discount for ordering it in your website, but some people have more satisfaction when they go to bookstore, and pick and buy it by themselves. But anyway, don't bother it. Keep publishing our young's creations.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Mediator, Ninth Key by Meg Cabot

You must have known Meg Cabot from Princess Diaries series, right? A story which is telling a life of ordinary girl, Mia Thermopolis, who suddenly recognized as Genovia Princess. I can say I was so fascinated about the series, but one day I saw another Cabot's book in bookstore. It called The Mediator, and I had no idea before, but after reading it, wow! It's even better than Princess Diaries! I mean it. :)

What I'd like to review here is the second book. Yes, I know I should review the first book before, which is Shadowland, but it is borrowed by a friend.  I don't have any confidence to write a review where I don't have the book itself beside me. haha, weird, but it's me.
So, I'll share you about little about Susannah Simon, so you're not going to be anxious of her.


Susannah-used to called Suze- can see dead people. She is a mediator, connector between the living and the dead. When her mother gets married again, and they're moving to sunny California, she meets hot guy there. Too bad, he's a ghost. Jesse, his name, is haunting her room, but it seems like he doesn't need any help, which is doesn't matter for Suze, because actually she prefer going shopping and other girl things to chasing the deads around, and mediating them.
In second book, everything is going great for Suze. Her new life in California is a whirlwind of parties and excellent hair days. Tad Beaumont, the hottest boy in town, has even asked Suze out on her very first date. Suze is so excited that she's willing to ignore her misgivings about Tad.particularly the fact that he's not Jesse, whose ghostly status-not to mention apparent disinterest in her-make him unattainable.
What Suze can't ignore, however, is the ghost of a murdered woman whose death seems directly connected to dark secrets hidden in none other than Tad Beaumont's past. 

What makes it more interesting than Princess Diaries? Well, I should say, in my humble opinion, is relationship between Suze and Jesse. They're unique, coming from different world, flirting one another without confessing their feeling. I have nooooo idea what'll happen at the end. And, Meg insert some fighting scenes- Suzes sometimes has to use her power to force evil ghosts, so they can come back to heir world- which couldn't met in any Princess Diaries series. 

Character of Suze, itself, is interesting. Playing like lost puppy, when she can't adapt well in her new environment, facing new family, new dad, and brothers (and they are all weird!), with her father's ghost's following her everywhere. And, a cute ghost in her room. Can you imagine how is Suze able to get some privacy? The other way, she is only a teenager.

So, here, The Mediator Ninth Key. I bet you'll love it! :)

PS. There are six books in The Mediator series. They've already published it in English copy, but I'll try to wait patiently for Bahasa copy. Gramedia has published two of them, Shadowland and Ninth Key. I can't wait for the third book! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Misteri Rahasia Enam Wanita by S. Mara GD

As I ever mentioned before, Indonesian writers rarely meet my expectation. Well, never judge too high, but some of them are writing boring story with expected plot, some of them are using high language, and others make high-class literature that I don't even understand. Haha, look what I've said. It seems like I underestimate my own country, right? No, no, there are plenty talented Indonesian writers who still have place in my heart. One  of them is S Mara GD. I don't know if you know them, I mean, well I doubt if teenagers nowadays even have heard her name. But, mostly my generation, or older, must have known her as Indonesia's queen of crime. Agatha Christie from Indonesia. I knew her coincidentally from my mom's book collection.

I've just read her book, "Misteri Rahasia Enam Wanita". Not a recent one, but interesting.

Six women with their six secrets... which is connected like branches, twisted complicatedly and tightly, so it can be released free without scarifying one.
Marla is first woman, her secret begin this story. Then Fiona, Noni, Helen, Vidya, and Katherine, each other twist their own thread. They intentionally fall to irresponsible man, who found death after that.
Murder, revenge, rape, and violence color their life. Can Kosasih and Gozali analyze their secret one by one and found the suspect?

Another case of Kosasih and Gozali! I find this duo is so fascinating and breathtaking. Now, they meet complicated case with many pretty women inside! And, they all are suspected with murder case! Well, can Kosasih and Gozali reveal who's behind these murders?

Setting behind this case is a dating scams. It match makes one person to another, and every victims here are member of this club.  S Mara GD often inserts unique background in every stories, and here she tells about a dating club, where every people connected here have role in the murder. The owner, member, staff. Even when finally the murderer is revealed, you won't believe who she/he is.

Most interesting one is Dessy's stories. Some maybe assume Dessy as side story, but actually she is my favorite part. Dessy is Kosasih's daughter who falls in love with Gozali, Kosasih's partner. Gozali always refuse her, although he actually also in love with Dessy. His dark past restrict him. In this episode, we could see that Dessy is suffer from amnesia, and not able to remember her love story with Gozali. Mrs Kosasih, her mother, insist that she must get closer with Sam, a doctor who flatters to Dessy for a long time. So, will Dessy get her memory back, and remember her love to Gozali?

yeah, woman.. even when we read crime novel, we still love romance scene. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

I want them!

it's even not a review, but I really want to share you. many good books are outside there, and I want more than I could afford. I feel so miserable. ;(
So, here what I want. well..

1. The Bartimaeus Trilogy - Jonathan Straud
I've already read them, but only own the last book. When I heard Gramedia publishes a box set of Bartimaeus trilogy, I was like crying, realize how much I spend for books this month. Ow, maybe next month, I hope..
2. The Tourist - Olen Steinhauer
3. Dog Stories - James Herriot
4. The Story Girl - L.M. Montgomery
5. The Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
6. Your Job is not Your Career - Rene Sudarhono
7. Entrok - Okky Madasari
8. Diary of Whimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney
9. Ingo - Helen Dunmore
10. Time's Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
11. Oh My Goodness - Yoris Sebastian
12. Good Omens - Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett

I can't remember the rests. Well, I'll update later.
And oh. I really appreciate if you can give any consideration which one I should by first. ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Road by Cormac McCarthy


A father and his little son, walk across burning America, slowly toward seashore. None there, nothing move in the dead landscape. There are only flying dust and gray sky. Sun is shinning no more, and the weather is cold, more than everyone in earth have imagined. Trees have no leaves, animal is all dead. Rain and snow is falling every day. The Man and his Boy have nothing, besides a gun with two bullets, for defending themselves from evils in street, who sometimes able to kill and eat them, clothes wore in their body, a cart of used foods, and one another.

Heartbreaking, haunting, and emotionally shattering. I never regret my decision to read this book. A drama, which is full of love and humanity. Actually, I've just watched The Book of Eli, an epic movie which shares us a post-apocalyptic tale after great war happened. And, when I read synopsis of The Road, I thought it might be another apocalyptic story, and because Eli is good, maybe this one would be great too. So, I was interested to bought and the read it.

The book tells two unnamed human, they are called The Man and The Boy. Setting is in U.S, which has destroyed by unexplained cataclysm. Civilization and almost all life in Earth has lost, there are only falling ash, and the weather is extremely cold. The Man brings her son to the south, with hope of finding warmth and more "good men". What makes me so emotionally involved is father-son relationship. They only have each other, and with many cannibalism around them, they repeatedly assure one another that they are good people.

Some interesting things told here. Example, when The Man find a can of Coca Cola. He gives it to his son, who never able to taste it before. It's bubbling, he comments. Touched! It's very easy to get any soda drinks that we want now. And, sometimes we forget to thank of it.

Lack of food become main problem for them. You'll read how hard they search every abandoned house to find leftovers, and it's really hard to find clean water! Clean water, which is simply used by us every day. And, sometimes, in some houses, they find scary stock room, where the cannibals save "their meat". Freaky.

Many things make me think. A lot. Something made this happen. I don't know what. Maybe human's greedy. Or, their careless act to environment? In this modern life, people sometimes think only about themselves. We're selfish. We can't love our earth. We sometimes love to be grateful. We are greedy, and always wanting more. There's nothing bad to have a better life, but we must not forget to keep our environment good. We live with other people, we live with Earth. If we can make peaceful life with them, well, maybe someday what happen in this book, will happen to all of us. And I believe, it is happening now in some countries in this world.

People who declare war, should read this book. People who sill hurt the Earth, should read this book. Recommend this book to all your friend, as many as you can!! :)

PS. You don't like reading a book? Oh, okay, I'll recommend the movie. It's pretty good, with Viggo Mortensen there. Remember Aragorn? Go get the movie too! ;)