Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark

Surprisingly, I’d been enlightened by Vixxio, one of used book store in Surabaya, that I won their free book giveaway. I was flattered, because I knew that many people want to win this book. Haha, sorry everyone! For mend your broken heart, I am going to share short review about this book.

Written by Mary Higgins Clark, queen of suspense, and titled “Daddy’s Little Girl”. I got one published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Indonesian-translated copy.


Ellie Cavanaugh was seven years old then her older sister was murdered near their home. Ellie, with tearful eyes, testified that Rob Westerfield, nineteen year old boy from upper class family, who did it, and successfully put him in a jail. Twenty-two years later, Rob, who maintains his innocence, is paroled. Ellie, who keeps certain that Rob is guilty, starts writing book that will conclusively prove Rob’s guilt. As she delves deeper into her research, however, she uncovers horrifying facts that shed new light on her sister’s murder. With each discovery she comes closer to a confrontation with a desperate killer.

Beyond my expectation before, it’s actually a must-read book, especially for suspense lover. First, I love how Clark describes the night when Andrea was murdered. I can feel deep fear, parents’ discomfort of her daughter missing. Whereas I haven’t had a child! In last minute, I still wish the girl is alive, though I’ve read its summary, and know for sure that she’ll be dead. And, when Ellie found her blood-drenched sister, screaming out and running to her parents hug, absolutely I am able to sense what she felt that night.

I love how Clark includes psychological effect in her book. It shows that Ellie’s parents, in some way blame Ellie for hear sister death. Ellie was abandoned, and we can read how she herself started to feel guilty, sheered of her parents. Even, after several years, she still can’t forget it, and forgive her sister’s murder. That’s why when Rob is arranged for parole, she keeps trying to throw him back to the jail.
What makes interesting is new evidences, which is collected by Ellie in her hometown, bring us to a million dollar question, was Rob actually murdering Andrea? Or, was it just Ellie imagination, testified Andrea’s fear to Rob? Ellie, herself, starts to hesitate her presumptive, and search other possibility that maybe somebody else, who murdered Andrea. It appeals us to consider many possibilities, and I feel annoyed, emotionally involved, and almost try to unlock the last page.

Finally, truth is revealed. So sorry, can’t tell you here who the murder is! Hahaha, just go get this book. Or, if you still feel anxious to find out, just email me! *wink*

PS. Visit Vixxio, to find other great books. Well, for everyone who asking about Vixxio, yes, it’s a book store. Yes, it sells used books (but still in good condition!), so you can purchase cheaper books here. But, nooo, it’s not mine. I just befriended with them. For further information about its winner, go visit Fanda’s blog. She’s an amazing reviewer too. I learn a lot from her! 


  1. Glad you like it! I was also wondered whether Rob did killed Andrea, and whether Ellie did seen the necklace.

  2. Can i guess, that the murder is...her own parents? Am i right?

    *ah, so dissapointed when i failed to win this book. But, i love ur review!thanks.

  3. Dela! this is such a great blog! now i have to figure out which book i'm going to buy first.. geeeezzz hahahahaha

    thanks for dropping by on my blog. AND a million thanks for calling me "just Rini" :)