Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's The Winner!!

Welcome May! Sure, it'll be beautiful month, but in Jakarta, it's obviously hot! Yesterday, it reached 36 degrees of Celsius! However, life must go on, right?
I am so glad to see your participation in Magical Giveaway. I really appreciate it, and honestly I was shocked to see how big your attentions are. I used to think fashion giveaway is more interesting than book, but, well, there are few people like you, who still love book!! Glad to know that!

So, pretty difficult to decide the winner, because I don't want disappoint you at all. I consider to give more than one book in next giveaway, so I can choose more winner. But, today, I must pick only one. And the lucky one is..

Congrats dear! Well, send your complete address soon to I hope you'll enjoy Alice. Smooch! XD