Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview with Alanda Kariza

After successfully publishing Mint Chocolate Chips, Alanda now back with her newest novel, Vice Versa, which is gonna published soon. But, before reading her book, you should read my short interview with Alanda. With her business, managing Indonesian Youth Conference, college tasks, and book launching, Alanda still prepare some times for answering my question. What a humble girl! :)
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Tell us, why did you choose “Vice Versa” as your book’s title? 
"Vice Versa" means "the other way around". The book is a compilation of 18 short stories I have written in the past 5 years, and "Vice Versa" is the title of one of the stories. I used to define an issue, including love, can be seen from different perspectives, can be turned upside down, can mean the same in a different way towards people.

It’s been several years since you’re writing your first book. Do you see any differences in your writing style now and before? 
Yes, my writing style is very much different, indeed. I have read different books, learned a lot of new things, met tons of inspiring people, including authors. Now, I write from a deeper level in my heart and my mind. I write my concerns and thoughts, not only my imagination.

You’ve been very busy lately, involved in many activities, included Indonesian Youth Conference. Do you see writing as hobby to spend your spare time or considering it as your future profession?
 It can actually be both. I am very interested in meeting new people through having a lot of activities, and I want to bring a greater good, a positive impact to my society. I want to be a social entrepreneur, and to achieve it, I need to learn a lot, and I am learning through these activities. Wish me luck!

What did inspire you in writing this book? 
 My surroundings.

How long did you need to finish this book?
 Selecting the stories only took me a few weeks, but I have written the stories since I was 14, I guess. So, 5 years to write, 5 weeks to compile.

Who is your favorite writer? Why?
 Sapardi Djoko Damono, because he makes "nothing" into "very special things". His writings go deeply in my heart. I can absorb his emotions, only by reading what he writes. I want to be able to write like him.

Do you have any writing tips for beginners who are going to start their writing career? Don't give up, you have nothing to lose.

Where and when will you launch your latest book, “Vice Versa”?
Insha Allah at Warung Pasta Kemang, Sunday, May 2, 2010. Let's hope that the books have been printed by then.

I’ve heard we can order the book before it’s launched. How can we order it?
Yes, you can! Just fill out this form and Terrant Books will contact you: You can always log on to to get some useful info :)

 I guess it's all from me. We can't wait until the book launching, right? Good luck for Alanda, and for you, don't forget to get the book! Bye!


  1. be a journalist --> ur obsession?

  2. not an obsession, i think it's a hobby.. :)

  3. Wah..kalau non Dela kapan menulisnya, jangan kalah dong sama Alanda....

  4. great conversation you got here! I always admire Alanda. :)