Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Books from Vixxio!

Aaah, it's like a hundred years since I read my last book. I've been very busy with my job, 24/7, so i must leave my reading activity for a while. I am currently reading Deeper, sequel of Tunnel, but I haven't finished it yet, time is problem, yah, let's see later.

And, aaaah.. i'd like to give you good news! First, you still can join my giveaway to get two free books, Forever Princess by Meg Cabot, and Man And Wife from Tony Parsons. just click here!

And, the other one, my friends in Surabaya, who have an amazing book store called Vixxio is hold giveaway!! Kewl, i love idea for getting free books! They offer three books, but my heart is directly objected to this one..

aaaarrgh, it's Mary Higgins Clark! Suspense queen, i love her! She always can tell stories suspenseful, but however she gets her feminine side. And, I am so into suspense genre. Eh, wait, i've noticed, i haven't post anything suspense here, right? Well, so, if I win this book, I'll post its summary here. Well, wanna know more about her? Visit her site.

I hope Gramedia will publish her book more, cause I have budgeting problem to afford imported one. Poor me.. :(

So, readers, do visit Vixxio, and join their giveaway!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

The Godfather is the story of organized crime in the 1940's which revolves around the Corleone family. Don Vito Corleone is the head of a New York Mafia "family". Problems arise when a gangster supported by another Mafia family, Solozzo, announces his intentions to start selling drugs all over New York. Don Vito hates the idea of drugs as he is quite happy with his hotel and gambling business. Don is shot by Solozzo's men. Solozzo then kidnaps one of Don's advisors, Tom Hagen and tries to make him force Don's eldest son, Sonny to agree to sell drugs, but the plan goes wrong when Sollozzo finds out that Don Corleone is still alive.

Holy moly! What could i say? I am so in love with Don Corleone!!!
It's awkward for me to read crime novel beside Agatha Christie's, i am not so into it. Even, if it tells about mafia life. Never imagine before, i will fall into its character.

Puzo simply tells about Don Corleone's life, with his complete family. First things I notice, that Puzo share the plots simply. Really simple. You wouldn't face complicated plot,with twisted characters and problems, or think hard to understand the stories, you'll be drowned by yourself. I am so interested with every rule in this mafia thing, how they keep friendship and brotherhood, and pay it with blood, if someone betray them. And Don himself, is generous man. He helps everyone, rich or poor, well-known or ordinary. He doesn't ask payment, only their friendship, and help if he needs it.

Well, in the middle of the book, you'll realize that center of main plot is Michael, Don's last son, his destiny and choice in life. From beginning, Michael reject to follow Family's business, refuse to be Don's employee. But, however Michael takes the plot, I am still in love with Don Corleone. This old man has a style. I know, it's so subjective, but beside Don, you'll find many interesting characters, with their own amazing life, and Puzo narrate them completely. But, once again, simply. Maybe, you, who used to read chick lit, or simple flick, will feel lazy, or boring to face this story, I guarantee you won't. It's beautiful story,told with Sicilian style, and has its special taste. It's how mafioso works! I can't wait to look for the movies! :)

PS. There are many memorable quotes in this precious book, and here is one that i love.
Don Corleone: "I'm a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall Michael - if he is to be shot in the head by a police officer, or be found hung dead in a jail cell... or if he should be struck by a bolt of lightning - then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room; and then I do not forgive. But with said, I pledge - on the souls of my grandchildren - that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made today. "

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Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Was swearing to read this book early, but soon i found out this one is part of series. And that times, i was involved with too many series book, so i decide to postpone it after i finish all my "homework".

But, suddenly today i found my mother put it in my desk, and i thought, okay, it'll be fine if i just read first chapter to spend sometimes, right?

Let's meet Will Burrows. Will and his father, who is working in museum, have an unique hobby. They love digging. Yes, like archaeologist, they hang around, search some good place to dig, and treasure many old things. They love roaming underground, where they can dig everywhere they want, find antediluvian tunnel, that used to be old era inheritance.

Real story begin when Dr. Burrows, Will's father is missing. Will is left behind with his crazy mother and a perfectionist sister, who organized them and keep all things under control. But Will is suspicious with her father's missing, assumes probably it's caused by what his father's research about underground tunnel. He finds his father journal, and fake wall in his father office, which brings him to undiscovered cave, that no one ever known.

Err, should i continue? I really am enthusiastic with this book, and persist with it until the ending. For fantasy lovers (it seems i read many fantasy novel lately), you'll absolutely crazy with this. My heart beats faster reading Will's journey, and even i can imagine some wild places, told in this book. Extremely tense. Weird, but you'll wonder if everything written up are real. None like fantastical Harry Potter who is really, really unreal, Will Burrows is someone who can be true. For God sake, just go, find this book, and read it.


Monday, February 15, 2010

I Decided It! Giveaway, giveaway!!

Ah, i can't wait, so i decide to tell you now. I have decided to give two books in this giveaways!
Here they are..

You should have known Meg Cabot, right? Well, who doesn't? She is writer from well-known Princess Diaries series. And know, i am glad to inform you that i'd like to give you tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess!! Published by Harper Collins Publishers, and is the final novel in the series.

The main character Mia left us with an unhappy ending in the ninth book and we join her again in the tenth, which is meant to be set two years after the ninth. She isn't so sure in her relationship with J.P., her ex Michael Moscovitz has just moved back from Japan, she tries to get her romance novel published (but she lied to all her friends that it's about a Genovian olive oil pressing circa. She also has to deal with turning eighteen and the extravagant party that Grandmere is throwing for her, and helping her father win an election. It all sounds very complicated - not forgetting Mia wants to lose her virginity before graduation. As this is the last book of the Princess Diaries series, the real question is: will Mia manage to pull together and finally get the "happy ending" she deserves?

The second book is Man & Wife from Tony Parsons. This one is in Bahasa, and published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama.


When he gets married for the second time, TV producer Harry Silver is optimistic that the bad days are behind him. But before long his ex-wife wants to take his young son abroad, his mother is seriously ill, and he suspects his wife is having an affair. Like so may people in today's society, Harry finds himself trying to stay sane as his life unravels around him.

well, you can get these books for FREE (each of you only could get one of them), and this is what must you do.

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I am going to announce the winner next month, and i hope you can participate well. Tell your friends, I am waiting for you, dear!


Aaah, finally this big day is coming!
When i open this blog today, and taraaaa... finally, we have our 20th follower!
Well, as i promised you before, i am going to hold my first giveaway.
ng, what books should i give to you. well, lemme think for a second, and i'll tell you this afternoon! if you have any idea, or request, please lemme know!! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letters, Stories, & Dreams by Cassandra Niki

Remember this post? Well, i did visit the launching as i planned before. i'll tell you about the launching next time, but now, it's better if i start to review it.

Letters, Stories, & Dreams, is written by one of Indonesian favorite blogger, Cassandra Niki, also famous by name Casseybunn. It's been long time since she begins to write and capture pics, yes, she is a photographer too. You can see her whole works in her blog, The Blog of Casseybunn.

If you're follower of her blog, you'll feel familiar with characters and story plot in this book. How come? This book contains hidden journal, Cassey's life which isn't revealed by her. What's interesting is how genuine her writing is, so you'll enjoy and connected with her. You'll feel near from her life, cause it's so daily!! You'll be fascinated by how brave she is, when she told her feeling to man whom she love, somehow i get power from it. For you, young teenagers, this book is really suitable with you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson

Are you a career woman? Or a housewife? Any choice that you've picked, of course, you've already known its consequences.

Kate Reddy. A working mom with two beautiful children. Cute Emily, 6 years old, and Ben, 18 months. Kate works as hedge-fund manager, lives her life across the continent, between London, Washington, Rome, and still fight to prepare her daughter needs for school. Can you imagine how messy her life is?

Drama which been lived by most of woman now. Choose to get work, but abandon big part of your life behind, or stay at home, and replace all your knowledge that you've got difficultly in college by home and child-caring skill. Kate tries hard to get through both of them, but at least, each can only catch a half from her quality. Imagine, if you just fly across the country, having a jet lag, and when you arrive at home, you find an invitation from your daughter's school that tomorrow, she has to bring her home-made food for a festival? Would you like to buy something in department store and fake it, so it seems like your cooking, though it means you lie to your daughter and her friends? Or you just try reunite all remain materials in your kitchen, and make something with your remain power? You'll see this trouble in Kate's daily life, and for you, mom to-be, maybe it's your life then.

Not intend to scare working mom, who I know, must be trying hard to get the best for their children, but this book give you the fact. Children need you too, they need your time, they need you to come to their parents meeting, they need you to make them cookies, they need you to choose what color will they wear for this day. And this book will force you to believe, no matter how oldies it is, a wife must act like a home for her family.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Launching of Letters, Stories, & Dreams by Cassandra Niki

And, this is one of most recommended book of this year!!!
If you have been into this blogging world, you must recognize Cassandra Niki. Young talented girl, a photographer, a blogger, and now a writer! I've been following her blog post since two years ago, and go along with her interesting life, enjoy her photos which always amaze me. I can say I am fascinated with this girl. So, when i knew that she is going to publish a book, i was the one of her fans who hurry her to finish it soon. And finally, we have a date. Come and join in her first book launching!

Official book launch "Letters, Stories, & Dreams" by Cassandra Niki
February 13th, 2010. At Pejaten Village, Jakarta. Main Atrium, ground floor.
Talk show starts at 5PM, book signing at 7PM.

Get free goodie bags from L'Oréal & La Tulipe and so many other prizes.
Also, 40% discount for all Terrant books, including "Letters, Stories, & Dreams"!!

RSVP yourself on Facebook, and invite your friends! :

well, i really can't wait, and of course, after reading it, i'll write the review. So, cmon readers, come,come,come!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

It's not new book, but i just read it about a weeks ago. Well, actually, i got reference from Cassey, one of my favorite blogger to read it, and then it goes.

First chapter has captured me. The story is told beautifully, with careful selection if words. We're brought to watch last life part of Eddie, Head of Maintenance at Ruby Pier, an amusement park. There Mitch goes, he tells sixty minutes to Eddie's death, fifty minutes, thirty.. til we snooped what will occur next. And when finally Eddie approach to his death, we'll taken to Heaven that we'll never recognize before.

What do you imagine of Heaven before? Lovely spacious garden, with colossal palace, where we can dance along the day, have tasty foods, and angels everywhere maybe?
Eddie found that Heaven is not like he was believing earlier. There's no palace, there's no garden, even angels. He just meet five persons, in different but familiar locations. Five persons, who have correlation with his life, whether he aware or not. He learns many precious things, and find what life means for him. And, at last, he'll do similar job, sitting in somebody queue to tell her/his meaning of life.

what makes the book awesome is, Albom puts fresh idea of Heaven. People never imagine it before, they never look Heaven in such of different view. Some fanatics maybe won't agree with it, but i don't think it must be argued. Albom only have unique opinion, and what he believe isn't wrong.

My favorite quote is "That's what heaven is. You got to make senses of your yesterdays".


Do you have any request of book that must be reviewed here? if you do, feel free to put any comments in this post. And, i won't be tired to remind you that i'll have my first giveaway when my followers reach 20!! :)
so, please for you, book lovers, any critics and ideas, i'll take it with pleasure. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Well, at least i should notify you about this book. Latest Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol.
as the other admirer of Da Vinci Code, i also can't hang around of waiting this book retailed. i miss Langdon's breathtaking experience, his suspense act, and of course, other mystery revealed. Who doesn't? He always mesmerizes me, through his charm, calmness, and intelligent, of course!

Let's see. After his journey in Rome and Paris, now he discover something new in Washington DC. We are solicited to have trip around Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and Lincoln Memorial. Langdon is invited by his old mate, Peter Solomon, to give speech in Capitol Building, but when he gets there, he found nobody. Well, of course as usual, the invitation is only other trick from a bad guy who want to reveal old treasures, located in DC. Remember Night of Museum 2? You'll find Smithsonian Museum in this book, indeed it becomes one of important setting where Katherine Solomon does her researches. More information, her research connected with human power, or law of attraction.

Okay, if i speak nonstop, i am afraid i'll give you too many spoilers. At rest, i almost can't put this book away, and read this book continuously. You love The Secret? this book contains it much. ah, Dan Brown combines all modern aspects in our lives beautifully. Even, he insert Blackberry using, don't get me wrong, Blackberry has quite significant role in some scenes.

This book is like mixture of Da Vinci Code and Deception Point. In my humble opinion, it's very look alike National Treasure! :) you'll absolutely love it!

PS. Just ring a bell, i'll hold Giveaway when my followers reach 20! So, please follow! :)