Sunday, February 14, 2010

Letters, Stories, & Dreams by Cassandra Niki

Remember this post? Well, i did visit the launching as i planned before. i'll tell you about the launching next time, but now, it's better if i start to review it.

Letters, Stories, & Dreams, is written by one of Indonesian favorite blogger, Cassandra Niki, also famous by name Casseybunn. It's been long time since she begins to write and capture pics, yes, she is a photographer too. You can see her whole works in her blog, The Blog of Casseybunn.

If you're follower of her blog, you'll feel familiar with characters and story plot in this book. How come? This book contains hidden journal, Cassey's life which isn't revealed by her. What's interesting is how genuine her writing is, so you'll enjoy and connected with her. You'll feel near from her life, cause it's so daily!! You'll be fascinated by how brave she is, when she told her feeling to man whom she love, somehow i get power from it. For you, young teenagers, this book is really suitable with you!

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