Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tell Me No Secrets by Joy Fielding

sure, Joy Fielding must not foreign name for all suspense readers. But, honestly, i never hear her name, til i got her book, titled Grand Avenue in a sale. but, now i wouldn't discuss Grand Avenue, i'll talk about Tell Me No Secrets.

Once again, like Grand Avenue, Joy brings a brave female as main role. it takes my attention, coz she always put outside dark side of woman. she combines it with suspense plot, which could make us anxious while reading it.

Jess Koster, main role in this book, lost her mother when she was about getting married with senior lawyer, named Don Shaw. Her mother body can't be found until now, and guilty always haunt Jess, because before her mother gone, they had hard quarrel. Since her mother lost, Jess often has panic attack, vomit propulsion, and she begin to act like crazy one. and, she finally got divorced from Don. She continues her life, but time goes by, and she found secrets, one by one.

Family is apparently become the point in this stories. Joy explain how Jess try to making peace with her housewife sister, while she is a career woman. And, when her father found new woman in his life, she try to fight her unwillingness to receive new mother in her life, indeed she thinks that her mother is alive. She also give a hard try to new love life, and feel great curious for choosing between two man.

You'll get surprise in the ending. Don't expect happy ending, because.. rrr, i won't give you any spoiler. Read it, you'll interested by court and jury system in USA.

Friday, January 29, 2010


i plan to create some giveaways. not now, but i promise, after having 20 followers, i'll carry out my first giveaways. so, readers, please follow. thank you for your attention! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott (re-reading)

I've already purchased this book for, err, i have no clues, a year maybe. I got references from a friend, who knows that i really love fiction with a little touch of history. and this book is perfect for it!
The Alchemyst is one of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott. He plans to make six books, and i've read two of them. i almost forget about this series, but suddenly i received an email from its publisher (Matahati, publisher from Indonesia, yes, i still read Indonesia-published books, i can't afford imported ones.. :( ), that the third books will be available in next month. so, for refreshing my mind of this book, i decide to re-read the first book, The Alchemyst.

this book sets in our time, modern time, when we've already used iPod, wi-fi everywhere, and we can't live without our twitter account. Life is ordinary for Sophie and Josh Newman, twins from San Fransisco, until they find that owner from bookshop next door, is long-lived man, named Nicholas Flamel, has inordinate power, called magic. Sounds familiar of the Flamel name? yes, for you, Harry Potter maniacs, maybe you remember in The Sorceress Stone, JK Rowling mentions Flamel as founder of Philosophers Stone, stone which makes you live forever, and can transform stone into gold. Yes, he is the one told by JK Rowling, but in this book, you'll find his own story. Later, you'll discover that Newman twins have stiff corelation with Flamel, and they become main role in this story.

What's interesting is, you can treasure many histories in this book. Michael Scoot has modified it become fiction, of course, but still i certainly get excited. For example, you'll find why Great Fire in London happened, the story of Joan of Arc, and the most interesting one, the eternal Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel. Beside that, you'll be featured with swift plot, thrilling action, fascinated characters. even, you'll be curious, is it for real, or just author's imagination.

So, if you feel Harry Potter is less pleasure, and look for more exciting adventures than The Chronicles of Narnia, you should enjoy this ones. I can't wait til February's coming, and they publish The Sorceress!

PS. also read the second book, titled The Magician.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins

okay. it's time to forget cold blooded Cullen, or appealing Patch. proudly, present Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games.

my boyfriend bought it for me two days ago, and i've already glanced at it since a month ago. well, i considered which one should i buy first, between this book or Mitch Albom's Five Person You Meet in Heaven (regrettably, i should choose one), and i pick Mitch Albom's first. But, fortunately, my beloved bf understand how much i wish for this book, and he's going to get it soon! :)

well, i read it slowly. First chapter had caught me enough, it's snooping. They set in future time, they don't mention it clearly when, but in that occasion, they reveal a reality show called The Hunger Games. There are twelve districts at the time, and each must send two teenagers (12-18 years old), a male and a female, to compete at this game. they will be located in waterless field, and they must survive til everybody get killed, and only one person left behind. there's only one winner for a year, it's so clear, that they must kill, or get killed.

Dreadful, watching teenagers must guarantee such as big responsibility. they must keep their lives, while slaughtering everyone else, included their districts partner. it mentioned at the book, that the citizens love to see that show. horrible. i can't stop reading, on and on, til i found who exactly the winner.

it's fiction, and i can't imagine if it happens to our world. but, you'll be exhausted while reading it, and found like it's real. at least, it's turning out to me. so, read. develop your humanity by seeing, that human can do worse thing, even poorer than animal.