Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Well, at least i should notify you about this book. Latest Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol.
as the other admirer of Da Vinci Code, i also can't hang around of waiting this book retailed. i miss Langdon's breathtaking experience, his suspense act, and of course, other mystery revealed. Who doesn't? He always mesmerizes me, through his charm, calmness, and intelligent, of course!

Let's see. After his journey in Rome and Paris, now he discover something new in Washington DC. We are solicited to have trip around Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and Lincoln Memorial. Langdon is invited by his old mate, Peter Solomon, to give speech in Capitol Building, but when he gets there, he found nobody. Well, of course as usual, the invitation is only other trick from a bad guy who want to reveal old treasures, located in DC. Remember Night of Museum 2? You'll find Smithsonian Museum in this book, indeed it becomes one of important setting where Katherine Solomon does her researches. More information, her research connected with human power, or law of attraction.

Okay, if i speak nonstop, i am afraid i'll give you too many spoilers. At rest, i almost can't put this book away, and read this book continuously. You love The Secret? this book contains it much. ah, Dan Brown combines all modern aspects in our lives beautifully. Even, he insert Blackberry using, don't get me wrong, Blackberry has quite significant role in some scenes.

This book is like mixture of Da Vinci Code and Deception Point. In my humble opinion, it's very look alike National Treasure! :) you'll absolutely love it!

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  1. kok the lost symbol by robert langdon? by dan brown kali.
    hahahaha, i was thinking the same thing! the lost symbol = the secret versi fiksi :)

  2. *blushing*

    maaaf... ceroboh, hahaha..
    udah diganti ya..

  3. ouu thanks for the comment im actually about to read this!!


  4. wow bahasa inggrisnya lancar sekalii hehe..
    kayaknya seru nih .. aku juga baca Da vinci code.. trus nonton filmnya dua-dua nya..

  5. waaaaahhh.. i love ur book blog!
    saya masukin ke blogroll saya yah!
    nice to meet another book worm! :)