Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tell Me No Secrets by Joy Fielding

sure, Joy Fielding must not foreign name for all suspense readers. But, honestly, i never hear her name, til i got her book, titled Grand Avenue in a sale. but, now i wouldn't discuss Grand Avenue, i'll talk about Tell Me No Secrets.

Once again, like Grand Avenue, Joy brings a brave female as main role. it takes my attention, coz she always put outside dark side of woman. she combines it with suspense plot, which could make us anxious while reading it.

Jess Koster, main role in this book, lost her mother when she was about getting married with senior lawyer, named Don Shaw. Her mother body can't be found until now, and guilty always haunt Jess, because before her mother gone, they had hard quarrel. Since her mother lost, Jess often has panic attack, vomit propulsion, and she begin to act like crazy one. and, she finally got divorced from Don. She continues her life, but time goes by, and she found secrets, one by one.

Family is apparently become the point in this stories. Joy explain how Jess try to making peace with her housewife sister, while she is a career woman. And, when her father found new woman in his life, she try to fight her unwillingness to receive new mother in her life, indeed she thinks that her mother is alive. She also give a hard try to new love life, and feel great curious for choosing between two man.

You'll get surprise in the ending. Don't expect happy ending, because.. rrr, i won't give you any spoiler. Read it, you'll interested by court and jury system in USA.