Friday, February 19, 2010

Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Was swearing to read this book early, but soon i found out this one is part of series. And that times, i was involved with too many series book, so i decide to postpone it after i finish all my "homework".

But, suddenly today i found my mother put it in my desk, and i thought, okay, it'll be fine if i just read first chapter to spend sometimes, right?

Let's meet Will Burrows. Will and his father, who is working in museum, have an unique hobby. They love digging. Yes, like archaeologist, they hang around, search some good place to dig, and treasure many old things. They love roaming underground, where they can dig everywhere they want, find antediluvian tunnel, that used to be old era inheritance.

Real story begin when Dr. Burrows, Will's father is missing. Will is left behind with his crazy mother and a perfectionist sister, who organized them and keep all things under control. But Will is suspicious with her father's missing, assumes probably it's caused by what his father's research about underground tunnel. He finds his father journal, and fake wall in his father office, which brings him to undiscovered cave, that no one ever known.

Err, should i continue? I really am enthusiastic with this book, and persist with it until the ending. For fantasy lovers (it seems i read many fantasy novel lately), you'll absolutely crazy with this. My heart beats faster reading Will's journey, and even i can imagine some wild places, told in this book. Extremely tense. Weird, but you'll wonder if everything written up are real. None like fantastical Harry Potter who is really, really unreal, Will Burrows is someone who can be true. For God sake, just go, find this book, and read it.


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  1. hi..
    I'm very curious about this book, really.. seems very interesting.. I'll wait until my mood for adventurous-tense book kinda thing is back.. ;)