Friday, February 12, 2010

I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson

Are you a career woman? Or a housewife? Any choice that you've picked, of course, you've already known its consequences.

Kate Reddy. A working mom with two beautiful children. Cute Emily, 6 years old, and Ben, 18 months. Kate works as hedge-fund manager, lives her life across the continent, between London, Washington, Rome, and still fight to prepare her daughter needs for school. Can you imagine how messy her life is?

Drama which been lived by most of woman now. Choose to get work, but abandon big part of your life behind, or stay at home, and replace all your knowledge that you've got difficultly in college by home and child-caring skill. Kate tries hard to get through both of them, but at least, each can only catch a half from her quality. Imagine, if you just fly across the country, having a jet lag, and when you arrive at home, you find an invitation from your daughter's school that tomorrow, she has to bring her home-made food for a festival? Would you like to buy something in department store and fake it, so it seems like your cooking, though it means you lie to your daughter and her friends? Or you just try reunite all remain materials in your kitchen, and make something with your remain power? You'll see this trouble in Kate's daily life, and for you, mom to-be, maybe it's your life then.

Not intend to scare working mom, who I know, must be trying hard to get the best for their children, but this book give you the fact. Children need you too, they need your time, they need you to come to their parents meeting, they need you to make them cookies, they need you to choose what color will they wear for this day. And this book will force you to believe, no matter how oldies it is, a wife must act like a home for her family.

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