Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Books from Vixxio!

Aaah, it's like a hundred years since I read my last book. I've been very busy with my job, 24/7, so i must leave my reading activity for a while. I am currently reading Deeper, sequel of Tunnel, but I haven't finished it yet, time is problem, yah, let's see later.

And, aaaah.. i'd like to give you good news! First, you still can join my giveaway to get two free books, Forever Princess by Meg Cabot, and Man And Wife from Tony Parsons. just click here!

And, the other one, my friends in Surabaya, who have an amazing book store called Vixxio is hold giveaway!! Kewl, i love idea for getting free books! They offer three books, but my heart is directly objected to this one..

aaaarrgh, it's Mary Higgins Clark! Suspense queen, i love her! She always can tell stories suspenseful, but however she gets her feminine side. And, I am so into suspense genre. Eh, wait, i've noticed, i haven't post anything suspense here, right? Well, so, if I win this book, I'll post its summary here. Well, wanna know more about her? Visit her site.

I hope Gramedia will publish her book more, cause I have budgeting problem to afford imported one. Poor me.. :(

So, readers, do visit Vixxio, and join their giveaway!


  1. one of my fave book is anastasia syndrome by mary higgins clark :) love it so much, tapi blm baca semua bukunya..

  2. thanks for your sweet comment dear. I don't really like reading a book or a romantic novel, but I love a graphic novel and Marjane Satrapi :)

  3. thanks for letting know !
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  4. I'm with you when you say that you're too busy to read as often as you'd like! So am I.

    By the way, I'v given you an award on my blog!

  5. Marhane satrapi also good... Actually I even never read any higgins clark`s book. BUt I`ll put it into my wishlist...

  6. La, saya selalu menjadi followermu...he nice blog gal

  7. waaaa i've never read any books from higgins clark.. and i don't like suspense but this sounds like cool.. hahahaha

    p.s: check out my latest post here.


  8. lho?? ikutan toh??
    bukannya Vixxio tuh punya kakag yah???

  9. dela..ada tag dan award diblog aq..diambil ya..

  10. thanks much for the comments dear !
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  11. Thanks for the sweet comment! =)
    and yes, the imported book is expensive.. hahaha.

  12. WOW...THAT IS Great.....I like it....

  13. I really love M.H.C ... she's givin me goose bumps everytime I read her books....

  14. Hai...

    apa kabar sahabatku... Semoga hari mu menyenangkan...

    Aku ada award untukmu.... silahkan diambil...

    disini nih :

    sebarkanlah sebanyak yang kaau mau sahabat.....

    aku mengasihimu....


  15. i love it,
    salam kenal....

  16. waiting for the next posting..hehe..