Monday, February 15, 2010

I Decided It! Giveaway, giveaway!!

Ah, i can't wait, so i decide to tell you now. I have decided to give two books in this giveaways!
Here they are..

You should have known Meg Cabot, right? Well, who doesn't? She is writer from well-known Princess Diaries series. And know, i am glad to inform you that i'd like to give you tenth series of Princess Diaries, Forever Princess!! Published by Harper Collins Publishers, and is the final novel in the series.

The main character Mia left us with an unhappy ending in the ninth book and we join her again in the tenth, which is meant to be set two years after the ninth. She isn't so sure in her relationship with J.P., her ex Michael Moscovitz has just moved back from Japan, she tries to get her romance novel published (but she lied to all her friends that it's about a Genovian olive oil pressing circa. She also has to deal with turning eighteen and the extravagant party that Grandmere is throwing for her, and helping her father win an election. It all sounds very complicated - not forgetting Mia wants to lose her virginity before graduation. As this is the last book of the Princess Diaries series, the real question is: will Mia manage to pull together and finally get the "happy ending" she deserves?

The second book is Man & Wife from Tony Parsons. This one is in Bahasa, and published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama.


When he gets married for the second time, TV producer Harry Silver is optimistic that the bad days are behind him. But before long his ex-wife wants to take his young son abroad, his mother is seriously ill, and he suspects his wife is having an affair. Like so may people in today's society, Harry finds himself trying to stay sane as his life unravels around him.

well, you can get these books for FREE (each of you only could get one of them), and this is what must you do.

1. You must be this blog follower
2. Please comment in this post, tell me which book do you prefer, and your reason for choosing it. And, don't forget to tell me, why i must pick you as winner. And, you can comment more than one times. Comment as much as you can! :)
3. If you have any blogs, please create post to tell your friends about this giveaway, and insert link to this blog. Send its link to me, and I'll take it as my consideration for choosing the winner.
4. Don't forget to put your email in comment box! I'll contact you via email!
5. If you have twitter account, please tweet this post by clicking tweet button above this post title.
6. For you, who don't own Blogspot account, you can follow this giveaway by posting about this giveaway in your blog! And please send me the link.. :)


I am going to announce the winner next month, and i hope you can participate well. Tell your friends, I am waiting for you, dear!


  1. surely meg cabot,,i love her story in Princess diaries,, that movie a lot., i wonder what happen to Mia ??is she gonna be happy?hahaha..

    leny >

  2. I would like to win Man and Wife by Tony Parsons. I haven't read any of the other books in the Princess Diaries series and don't really want to start with the last book. Great giveaway! Congrats on reaching 20 followers!!


  3. ini link nya ya.. hahaha

  4. I choose Forever Princess!! You know I really like princess diaries series , and I haven't read the other books of this series for a long time, because for now i love to read fiction Indonesian :). But I miss to enjoy meg cabot's writing. I don't know that it has been the tenth book. I just read until the sixth series.
    So, is it enough to be a good reason ?

  5. Firstly,,,,congratulations for reaching 20 followers...

    finally,,,i can join this giveaway...
    i love reading...

    i think i'll choose the 2nd book...coz i didn't read the Princess Stories,,,so it'll better if i choose "Man & Wife"

    i'll post about this giveaway on my blog asap...

    thank you so much...

    And my email

  6. i've post about your giveaway on my blog...

    thank you...

  7. hellooow
    nice to find this blog...

    gyaah.. keboo nggak bisa b inggris..
    salam kenal yah...

  8. aku pengen ikutaaaan.. tapi aku ga ngeblog di blogspot jadi ga bisa follow.. tapi aku ngefollow blog ini pake bloglovin, suer deh!

  9. @marionettecomesalive
    aduh, gak di blogspot ya? gini deh, buat yang gak punya akun blogspot, boleh ikutan deh, tp ngepost tentang giveaway ini di blognya ya...

  10. Uoooooh.
    aku mau banget mba dela princess forever.
    Aku suka banget sama michael. Aku penasaran apakah endingnya Mia sama Michael atau Mia tetep sama JP. Aku juga pengen tau Mia baikan sama lily atau engga.
    Aku salut banget sama Tina. Aku rasa Tina itu temen teroke yang pernah ada. Tina selalu belain Mia dan support Mia. Well, Lily sebenernya baik sih, tapi dia terlalu egois. Uh oh. Aku mau bangeeet princess forever mba dela.

  11. Oh iya, alasan kenapa mbak dela harus pilih aku. Soalnya aku penggemar beraaaatnya Mia Thermopolis. Tapi sayangnya karena keadaan finansial yang kurang mendukung aku ga bisa dapetin buku terakhirnya (versi indonesianya belum keluar ga sanggup beli versi aslinya). I'd kill for that book loh mbak dela (berlebihan).

    1. udah dapet bukunya? bila mau saya ada filenya..
      sila klik

  12. saya juga posting di blog loh mbaaaa

  13. late night post,,
    I really want to get the second book actually..
    I'm fell in love with the book when I read the summary above. Seems like the character (harry silver) have a lot of trouble. I wonder how harry solve the problem, I want to read MAN & WIFE more.

    So please, send an email to and tell me that I win that book.
    Certainly it will brings my happiness back after I failed my exam and got a bad grade this semester,, hehehe..
    thankyou so much dear my senior...

    Ps: That book is mine!!!!

  14. posted in my twitter account

  15. wah mau sie ikutan tapi aku ga biasa baca novel
    aku kasih semangat aja deh buat yg ikutan ^___^ juga buat dela terus semangat ya biar tambah byk followernya ;)

  16. i haven't read princess diary stories.
    Just wanna give support to all participants ^_^

  17. Btw, thanks for stopping by in my blog.
    Following ur blog to keep in touch ^_^

  18. horeee.. udah ikutan.. udah dipost di blog :
    udah ditweet juga di @devishanty
    aku pilih yg man and wife soalnya princess series itu ga pernah baca jadi takut ga ngerti :P
    email :

  19. Yahh saya udah baca itu Forever Princess, ini yang versi asli bukan? Dlm minggu ini malah mau beli yang bahasa Indonesia hehe

    Ayooo bikin giveaway lagiii :]

  20. @sararocks iyaaa.. ini yang versi asli. Yang dai harper publishernya!

  21. @sararocks iyaaa.. ini yang versi asli. Yang dai harper publishernya!

  22. hey, i'm blogwalking, nice blog, and that giveaway competition was cool. anyway, i follow you and will be coming back for your post. please visit and follow mine


  23. baik sekali kdia mau berbagi.. heheh

    saya mo yg pertama..!
    alasannya: belum baca dan belum punya... :D


    *follow dolo ah... :D

  24. Hai,

    datang mau ngucapin

    happy lunar
    happy valentine's day
    happy ash wednesday

    buat yang merayakan, yang nggak merayakan semoga bulan penuh cinta ini selalu membawa kebahagiaan dan kedamaian...


  25. hiya dela bagi2 layaknya santaclaus..
    aku prefer man&wife...
    biar cepet nikah...hehehe

  26. Delaaaa....
    I posted your giveaway here :D

    Do u know? I was a big fan of Princess diaries series when I was at high school but I stopped reading at the fourth book. I regretted to read it because I think the story has end happily at the 3rd series. I've been happy with the ending. Hehehe stupid me.

    So, I choose Man & Wife. As I am getting older (and um, mature, I guess), I need to read lots and lotsa books of wedding things. Hehehe. Oh how I love to read wedding stories. Learn lessons before I'm truly getting married a few years later ;)

  27. i have read the tenth series of princess diaries haha! but i read it via pdf so i'd happy to get the english book version :)

    dela you're so generous! i'll send my review soon! wait for me :)

  28. I think I prefer Man and Wife, I have seen this book at Gramedia the other days, but since I've never known the author, I skipped it. But actually, I always like to read something new. Especially when it is recommended by someone I know. And I never like Princess Diaries!

    OK, I'll post about your giveaway. It's a good idea anyway! And if I won (I hope I will!), I'll write my review for this book in my Baca Buku Fanda blog, as I always do with all interesting books I've ever read. *You can call me a bookworm!*

    my e-mail:

  29. Dela, I have posted your giveaway here:

  30. HI DELAAA:)
    i should have followed ur blog since long looong time a go:P i love books, i love reading sooo much, maybe that's why God wants me to become a doctor:)

    But lucky me, as a quote said...ITS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, n now here i am...following u..:) I really really hope that i will win ur giveaway!:)

    I prefer to choose the 1st book: FOREVER PRINCESS by Meg Cabot. Why u should pick me as a winner? well, i'll give u the answers: :)
    1. As i mentioned before, i really love books and i loooveee reading
    2. Mia the princess is sooo funny!!! She's cute, fun, but in the other way, she's sooo inspiring as a princess (i adore the way Meg Cabot tells the story through Mia's diary!:D i wish i had a cool diary as Mia! haha)
    3. I am having my holiday now, n i think its great to spend my holiday by reading THAT BOOK and by reading ur blog..
    4. I have read all the series of Princess diares, except this ONE. and this is the LAST boookk? OOooh God, Im drooling..:P

    Aare those reasons quite enough to make u sure, to give that book to me??:) :)

    thank u sist!! i'll give u my link as soon as i have written about ur giveaway:D

    love and hugsss, very big huuugggss!!

  31. i forgot to tell u my email:p *cause im sooo excited maybe, haha*

  32. Ok dela, soo this is the link:)


  33. Hai della, I'm Irma n this is my first time i visit your blog after searching at google with the title "giveaway".....very surprised that you will give those books...what the great books!! But i have to choose one n i vote FOREVER PRINCESS by Meg Cabot...

    my email :

    i will review this article on my blog and give u the link soon

    Thank You

  34. Aku pengen ikutan..., masih ada waktu kan..?
    OK.. aku follow dulu deh.

  35. Aku suka banget dg ide bagi-2 buku nih... hehehe ketahuan kalau aku suka yg gratis-2 ya..? hehehe

    Insya Allah, besok pagi aku posting deh, makasih ya.

  36. Aku udah posting nih dan inilah link-nya :

  37. Ups.. kelupaan satu hal, emailku adalah :

  38. soo??who's the winner..main penasaran neh..wwkwwkwk

  39. Wah...wah mau ikutan gimana nih, bahasanye aje aye kaga ngarti...he...he. Mau kursus bahasa inggris dulu sebulan...yah keburu ditutup nih kuisnya...duh binun-binun. Ntar deh...tanya enyak dulu artinye...:)