Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

It's not new book, but i just read it about a weeks ago. Well, actually, i got reference from Cassey, one of my favorite blogger to read it, and then it goes.

First chapter has captured me. The story is told beautifully, with careful selection if words. We're brought to watch last life part of Eddie, Head of Maintenance at Ruby Pier, an amusement park. There Mitch goes, he tells sixty minutes to Eddie's death, fifty minutes, thirty.. til we snooped what will occur next. And when finally Eddie approach to his death, we'll taken to Heaven that we'll never recognize before.

What do you imagine of Heaven before? Lovely spacious garden, with colossal palace, where we can dance along the day, have tasty foods, and angels everywhere maybe?
Eddie found that Heaven is not like he was believing earlier. There's no palace, there's no garden, even angels. He just meet five persons, in different but familiar locations. Five persons, who have correlation with his life, whether he aware or not. He learns many precious things, and find what life means for him. And, at last, he'll do similar job, sitting in somebody queue to tell her/his meaning of life.

what makes the book awesome is, Albom puts fresh idea of Heaven. People never imagine it before, they never look Heaven in such of different view. Some fanatics maybe won't agree with it, but i don't think it must be argued. Albom only have unique opinion, and what he believe isn't wrong.

My favorite quote is "That's what heaven is. You got to make senses of your yesterdays".