Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deeper by Roderick Gordon


After digging through the subterranean world of modern-day London in search of his father, fourteen-year-old Will Burrows ended up on the run from the diabolical Styx army with his best friend, Chester, and his newly discovered brother, Cal.

As they travel deeper into the earth, they find dangers none of them ever dreamed possible. And the worst danger of all is the one from Will's murderous sister, Rebecca, who is leading the Styx army in an evil plot that threatens to wipe out those living above ground.

But with their lives at risk far below, can Will and his small band of friends stay alive long enough to save those above?

Remember Will Burrows and his best friend, Cal, who discovered underground life while searching of Will's missing dad? After facing suspense ending in Tunnels, the first book, they come back in Deeper, sequel of Tunnels.

It's hard to say, which one is more interesting between Tunnels and Deeper, but I found many mistery revealed in second book. Here, Will meet his mom, I mean by-blood mom, it will be very exciting and miserable meeting. i can't hardly wait to tell you, but it'll be better if you read it by yourself. And, you'll find another secret about Rebecca, Will's sister, who apparently have a twin! Yes, thay are two people, and both of them have similar evil mind.

Honestly, this book reminds me to Journey to the Center of Earth movie. Remember? Brendan Fraser play his act well, and I was fascinated with its idea, how life can be in deep down there. But, instead of dinosaurus or other ancient animal, there are people living underground in Deeper. People, like us, they build their life, their own mine, shops, home, even government. And, in Deeper, we discover that Colony (it what underground people called) also have caste in society. Styx, as their government, occupy highest position, while they can rule Colony citizen whatever their way. Below Styx, there are Colony, people who live as citizen and must obey all Styx rules.

Deeper tell us, there is another place which is deeper than Colony location. People live there, called Corpolite, working like slave for Styx. They never be reputed as human, even by Colony themselves.

Interesting, I admit. There are many aspects of life, their new philosopy about Topsoil (yes, it's us, people), and you can see how they are living with malice and hate for Topsoil.

Well, the point, it's good book to read. I am on my way reading third book, Freefall, and of course hardly can wait to share my review here!

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