Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comical Time!

Who loves Comics? I love comics! Almost everyone I know like reading comics. I especially love one comes from Japan or Korea, or what they called manga. So, it must sound shallow, but in this post I’ll share you my favorite comics all time. So, ready?
 Sailor Moon – Naoko Takeuchi
The story is about a careless high school girl, named Usagi Tsukino. She is an ordinary girl with no specialties. But someday, a magical speaking cat with moon sign in its head comes, and gives her a power to change herself being a powerful and beautiful superhero. And as if that’s not tempting enough, she found that she is actually a reincarnation from Serenity, Moon Princess. All girls dream, right? Has a superhero’s power, pretty sailor custom, jewelry as weapon, a princess from the moon, and don’t forget to mention pretty ladies, who always stay around and make you safe. And the handsome prince! Superb!
What I like most is the beautiful drawing (well, I judge comics mostly from its drawing, so while you saying, the story is good, but I found no cute drawings there, and goodbye). And after that, I really like her imagination. Naoko Takeuchi uses her imagination for naming its character. Each superhero names are taken from planets name in our solar system. When she runs out planet, she begins to take some asteroid names, and other celestials.
In Indonesia, Sailor Moon ends at Chapter 18. Well, as happy ending lover, I can say it quite satisfies me, although they can make the ending much better than this.

Detective Conan – Aoyama Gosho

It’s the longest running manga series I’ve been following. It tells about a high school genius boy, who one day, suddenly transforms into an elementary school kiddo, because of a strange medicine, created by secretive organization. Shinichi Kudo, the boy, who’s now 5 years old, is able to live in Ran Mouri’s house, his childhood friend (he falls in love in Ran actually, but has not able to tell his feeling yet and the shrink accident happens. But do you think it is so lucky of him, that he could be anywhere near her, while she has no idea who he is?), whose father is Kogoro Mouri, a slow brainless detective, who rarely solves any cases. And with some tools, discovered by Professor Agasha, his former neighbor who knows his identity, Shinichi (who named himself Conan Edogawa after he changes into a kid) help Kogoro silently to solve cases, and hope that someday there will be cases involving secret organization which has turned him.
It has reached 71st volume (while in Indonesia the 63th volume is just published), and I’ve been reading it since I was elementary school! Wow, considering that now I am a working girl, it’s such as an achievement, right?

C.M.B – Motohiro Katou
C, M, and B is rings name, first given out by the British Queen in the 19th century to three men chosen to be protectors of the knowledge of the British Museum. The rings are inherited to three selected people, who are proper and suitable for their job as protectors. Shinra Sakaki, a boy with a mysterious past, was adopted by three ring holders. They all agreed to appoint Shinra as their heir, and it makes Shinra become a first person who keeps the three rings together. Although Shinra has never been to school, he is very knowledgeable. He speaks multi language, and possesses at least university-level knowledge. Shinra is the cousin of protagonist of the manga Q.E.D, Sou Toma ( I really like this manga too, but I don’t follow it, just read it randomly). Shinra often uses his knowledge to solve mystery cases related to murder, fraud, etc, along with his classmates, Tatsuki Nanase.

Gals!  - Mihona Fuji
The series revolves around the kogal subculture in Japan. The title character, Kotobuki Ran (Ran Kotobuki is the self-proclaimed "world's greatest gal." As a teenager in Shibuya, she's determined to live out the gal lifestyle for the rest of her life, and she has gained a reputation as the most respected gal in all of Shibuya. However, she comes from a family of police officers—her grandparents, her parents, and her older brother are all officers, and her younger sister is set on following in their footsteps. Ran has other dreams for her future, but as frequently shown, she has acquired the family's sense of justice and spirit.
Gals! doesn't always showcase Ran's point of view. It really consists of teenagers who live the same life as regular students and kogals in Japan. There's romance, troubles, drama and insecurities, especially Miyu and Aya's (since they take their relationships much more seriously than Ran).
This series illustrate the fun of youth life in Japan, their unique fashion, tradition, and culture. In Indonesia, the series end after 10th volume.

So, I’ve told you mine. What is your favorite comic? SHARE HERE!


  1. Suka Conan!
    Tapi ngikutinnya cuma jaman SMU & kuliah doang :(

  2. I like gals, naruto, one piece, Shounan Junai Gumi, GTO series and almost all comics by toru fujisawa , Psychometrer Eiji, shinchan, Hot blooded girl (this one is funny), Ingenuo, Chat (Korean comics)
    I like Conan too but I'm more into Kindaichi.
    If u have any suggestion for comedy genre comics I would like to hear :)