Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 by Donny Dhirgantoro

Well, I guess I put my expectations for second book of Donny Dhirgantoro beyond this. The first book "5 cm", in my opinion is very genius yet motivating book. Too bad, I didn't found any of them in this second book. The theme is quite interesting, about badminton development in Indonesia. While everyone is busy talking about football, Donny tries to remind us how Indonesia had been reaching its heyday in badminton few years ago. Gusni, a main character here, has abnormality since she was born. Her weight was twice than normal baby. When she grows up, she becomes bigger and bigger, and her weight scale is never coming down. Her parents and sister, Gita, are concerned about this fact, but they never discuss it with her until she's mature enough.

When Susi Susanti won her first gold medal in World Olympic, Gusni and Gita was brazing the moment in their mind. Gita, vocally, told his father that she want to be a badminton player. After that, Gita started to exercise, joined club, competed, and won many badminton competition. Gusni, who see her sister's success, told her parents that she would like to join badminton too, in order to make them proud of her. Her parents were objected, and tried to postpone Gusni's will as long as they can. They were worried, that Gusni was not strong enough to take hard exercise, yet she didn't have good posture for a badminton player.

But, after Gusni met Harry, a man with ambitious dream, she was reminded of her postponed dream, playing badminton. She asked her parents, who had finally revealed the secret which they hidden for a long time. The secret shocked Gusni, but not stopping her to play. She didn't care what she looks like, how hard she had to try, as long as she could play badminton.

I really enjoy Gusni's fight against her parents, her weight, and people's presumption about her. Donny write the epic story about a young girl who tries to survive her life, makes her parents proud, and tries giving something to her country. But, I don't find Donny's motivating aura, as I found in first book. Maybe it's just me, but in the few chapters, I don't catch the jokes. It seems unfunny to me. I also don't feel the soul of the games. I don't found any breathtaking moments, as I found in 5 cm. As I said before, maybe I put expectation beyond, because of his first book.

But, after all, it's a good book, reminding us of how great our country is, flicking us, and encouraging us to stay focusing to things that makes us proud to this country.


  1. actually I am wondering what is the meaning of "2" in the title.

  2. @ana.. you should read it, then you'll know what it means. :)

  3. finally, i got the meaning of "2".
    it means there are only 2 choice in life, fight or die in vain

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  5. Reading the synopsis behind the book made me think that this book is not really interesting but after reading yours, well bisa dipertimbangkan utk dibeli :)

  6. Mas Donny selalu saja membuat penasaran dgn judul yg cukup unik... Nice review....
    Izinkan saya Cantumkan nama mba dalam daftar sahabat buku di blog saya... Salam kenal