Sunday, January 23, 2011

George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

I always admired physic! Since I was on junior high, I found myself excited when physic came. And then, luckily, when I was on high school, I had this one great teacher, Mr. Amen, who loves Stephen Hawking a lot. From him, I learned about Hawking, how great he is, with all his disability, he keep thinking, keep learning, and keep finding something new about this universe.

But, I have to admit, that Hawking's book is not easy to be understood. When I first read History of Brief Time (my 2nd grade in senior high school) I remember that I often found myself shook my head, open physic dictionary on and on, frowned, and confused. There were many, many difficult and confusing words. I asked a lot to my teacher, but it didn't help me much.

Yesterday, I went to Aksara and found this book. I was so exciting. Actually, this is a sequel from George's Secret Key to the Universe, who has been published by Gramedia several years ago. Basically this book tells about George, a kid who loves astronomy, and desires to be physicians one day. He has neighbors, called Eric and Annie. In first book, it tells that Eric has super mega computer, named Cosmos, which able to open portal to everywhere in the universe. It's super cool, huh? Remind you to Doraemon's magic door.

The 2nd book tells us that Annie finds a weird message from broken Cosmos. She hardly guess that it comes from intelligent extraterrestrial outside there. So, guess what? She invite George to come with her, travel to Mars!

It's only fiction, but Hawking insert some real theories and explanation among the fiction. So you can learn the real theories of planets, black hole, speed of light, galaxies and so on. Well, I bet you like it, this book is also completed by some great colored picture. You'll see The Blue Marble, the first Earth image, who was taken from space. Teenagers or adults, I think you both will enjoy this book.


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  2. Hello... Salam kenal Mbak Dela. Saya Ivan dari Niagara Buku ( ). Oya, apa boleh saya bertukar link sama "Books of Dela"?

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  3. Dela, terimakasih banyak ya link-nya. Sukses juga buat blog kamu =)