Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Untuk Indonesia Yang Kuat by Ligwina Hananto

I was stunned after reading this book. Well, it turned that I still have many financial homeworks that should be done. It changed my mind that savings solve everything. It wiped away my previous mindset about money. And I thought that I have to do something to begin my financial revolution! And first step is spread the information of THE BOOK to you all. Let's make ourselves better, people! :)

What makes me interesting, this book is written for middle class. Middle class is like most people in Indonesia, live proper, able to shop, able to hang out in coffee shop, able to go to the cinema, able to take vacation once a year. This book is about strengthening the middle class, how we feel enough about our financial life, but it turns out that we don't have any plan to spend our old life by doing nothing and living with proper pension life. What I mean by doing nothing is we don't have to work our ass off in those ages in order to    live. It turns out that we don't have any educational fund plan to our future kids.

Exhausted yet? Don't.
It's not as scary as you think. Well, you should be scary, but this book helps you a lot. For beginner, like fresh graduate, for who have been married, it's not too late to get any help. This book explains financial lightly, simplified language, even interesting layout. You won't get bored like reading other financial books (eeew, I know your feeling, novel readers!), you'll get excited page by page.

If you want to know more, please visit the website. Never too late to start. Be rich! Decide what's your purpose. :)


  1. wow.. your first non fiction book post in this blog? great! :)

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