Monday, February 7, 2011

Test Pack by Ninit Yunita

Ninit is one of female writer who can make me laugh out loud reading her books. Her writings is funny, but always have simplified meanings. Test Pack is one of her old story, I read it once when I was in high school, and I found myself happy when she announced that they'll republish it.

It is love story about married couple, Tata and Rahmat, who has lived this marriage for seven years. As other ordinary couple, they wish to have baby soon. Tata desperately tries every way, even when she realizes that when you've already married, child is an unmentioned successful symbol for women, symbol of perfection. Rahmat, who also wants a baby so bad, but still looks calm, just to settle down his wife. What will they do if their patience has reached its limit, and everything turn to rage?

One thing for sure, I learned a lot from this book. This story is very real, we can also live their life. There are many "what if" in marriage, that could bring us to failure. One of them is the existence of kids. This book asks us to rethink our true reason to get married. Do we get married just for having kids? Or, do we get married to complete our life by spending the rest of our life with our soulmate? There is no right or wrong answers because we all have our own perception of marriage purpose. So do Tata and Rahmat.

So, I am not exaggerating when I say "Don't get married before reading this book!" (as Hagi Hagiromo says in its cover). For you who will get married soon, it's not too late to rush to the nearest book shop and get a copy! :D

Happy reading, couples!


  1. Biasanya memang orang berumahtangga tujuannya adalh membentuk sebuah keluarga dalam arti punya anak, makanya ada beberapa kasus keluarga berantakan gara2 tidak punya anak. Tapi memang setiap orang punya persepsi masing2, jangan sampai Non Dela takut merit lho...! hehe

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