Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

War carries away life luxury and revolutionizes many people’s life forever, including March family.
It requires many efforts for March sisters to live their teenage dream in the middle of war. Meg, has been living extravagance life like a lady for a long time, have to put out of sight her dignity and be a baby sitter.  Jo, second sister, always feels responsible to replace Daddy’s role, who has leaved to be a priest in war. Beth, third sister, has fragile physical condition, and often sick, even almost dying. And Amy, last sister, spoiled girl, who still expects that their life will be back like it used to be.
They prove that problems are not strong enough to break their family bonds. Little Woman is a piece of classic about four young women who always believe, that happiness will come after suffering sorrows.

Usually, I don’t read classics. For me, classic novels need patience to understand them, a lot of metaphors, long boring sentences. But, when I see this novel, I remember I had read it in comic version when I was a kid (I forget the publisher). So I decided to grab one, and ended with no regret at all.
So, as summary says, the center of story is March sisters. As classics, it has slow plot, tells every details of the sisters, their character, daily life. It starts with few days before Christmas (or was it Christmas Eve? I am not clear about it), and the sisters gather, talk about their previous life when they could easily get what they want as Christmas gift. They feel sorry, because they are so penniless in this Christmas, and their mother isn’t capable to give them any gifts. But, when they are competing who is the most inferior among them, Meg reminds them that they are so lucky, that they are able to celebrate Christmas together, with their lovely mother, jokes with each other, and have a warm foods.
Along the novel, we can recognize more of each sister’s personality. Amy often thinks that she can’t compete with her wealthy friends at school, tries to impress them one day, by buying orange sweets for her friends, but it turns to be heartbreaking. Beth, always scared of people, only hang out with her dolls and loves to play piano, one day finds the most beautiful piano she ever seen in her life. But too bad, it is belongs to Mr. Laurence, a grumpy neighbor. How does Beth solve her frightening and come to Mr. Laurence’s house?
Jo, by far is my favorite character, tries to protect her family at all time. She befriend with Laurie, Mr. Laurence’s grandson. Her tomboy personality often brings trouble for her. She is easily gets angry, and it makes Amy injured one day. Jo is persistent too, she insists that Meg should have rich husband, and doesn’t give her blessing when Meg’s in love with an ordinary man.
Finally, Meg, the older one, is the most beautiful sisters. She used to live lady-like, make harder for her to live averagely. She loves party, but often embarrassed with her own dress and accessories. But she’ll understand that all of it doesn’t matter much, as long as you have good family and love with you.
Beside them, there are other characters, like March mother, a wise mom, who always educates the sisters, and reminds them if they are doing any mistakes. Hanna, March loyal house keeper, Mr. Laurence and his grandson, Laurie, neighbor next door, and Mr. Brooke, Laurie’s private teacher. Some of them bring happiness to March sisters, and some of them bring them life-changing.
Little Women is a masterpiece novel, which tells us about love between four sisters, who have different personality, and teach us to struggle in our life, no matter how hard it is.

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