Monday, May 30, 2011

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


What will you do if one day you wake up, did your daily activities, had a breakfast, went to your officem and suddenly no one know you? Your identity is not exist, nobody recognize you, and like it wasn't enough, everyone will start to look through your body, as if you aren't there, or you're transparant! And all of this is because you help one dirty homeless wounded girl a night before.

Richard Mayhew is young and normal businessman. Have a busy life, overloaded work, and beautiful fiancee. One day, when he and his fiancee was going to have dinner with his fiancee's boss, they found a bleeding girl in dark corridor. Richard insisted to help her, while his fiancee tried to stop him, and even threatened him to leave, or she will break up with him. Richard chose to help the girl, later he know that her name is Door, and leave his fiancee behind.

After helping her, suddenly she disappered and one by one troubles come after Richard. While he desperately tried to get his old life back, he found a mysterious door to a world called London Underground. It seems real and similar to London City, but stranger and more dangerous. How will Richard struggle to get his life back?

Well, this book was compelling me not to stop reading unless I've finished it. I like fantasy story, but this is one is more mature, it's like bedtime story for adult. Gaiman epicly forced us to imagine how dark London Underground is, he even inserted a city map. There are many weird and scary characters, places where you can't imagine, and adventures. Door and her fellowhips planned to find out why her all family were murdered, and Richard was obliged to accompany them, in return they promise to give his old life back. But, who knows it will be so dangerous? He must negotiate with a mouse politely, crossing a life requested-bridge, finding an ANGEL, and questioning his faith. And after long journey, he has to accept the fact that they have one traitor in their companion, and almost fail them to the end.

Somewhat, in his seriousness, Gailman still able to insert some humours, that makes me laugh among the tension. Richard is described full of sarcasm, and what funny is most of his companion didn't realize that it was sarcasm.

And, when you come to the end, guarantee that you'll be surprised! Who did the murder, what its purpose, and why Door's family is so important for this world. Be prepared to receive a mindblowing ending ever in the history of fantasy book. :D

After that, home is a place where your heart is. :)

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  1. I have this book on my TBR pile, but well, I haven't read it yet, like for years. But still, ur review could make me want to pick this book up and bring it to the first place!