Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vice Versa by Alanda Kariza

" Koreksi saya jika salah, tapi saya merasa Tuhan telah memilihkan kamu untuk saya." (Yudhis - Bunga)
Do you believe in love at first sight? Or fairy tale, which states that you'll meet your prince charming and live happily ever after? That's what Diandra believes inside her heart. That someday, she will find her prince, marry him, and live happy life together. So, what's going on next, when she should marry with Yudhis, her mother's choice, man coming nowhere, and she even hasn't known him before! Will their marriage work? Or, maybe Diandra will leave Yudhis, and try to find her true love?

That's synopsis of Bunga, one of 18 short stories written by young writer, Alanda Kariza. Remember her? I was once interviewing her a moment before her stories compilation is published. I was so excited for waiting her book launching, but too bad because of some family business, I couldn't be there. But still, I bought her book, without any expectations.

Be honest, I was assuming this book as teenlit. You know, some love story for teenagers, which is always ending happily, or impossible love that happened between two teenagers, but finally after all they can reunite. But, when I read first story, Vice Versa, I know I've been wrong. Yes, it's a book of love story, but Alanda writes it maturely. The characters are varied, from adults, teens, even kids. Variety love is written here. Love to our lover. Love to our family. Love to our dream. Every stories have different ending, and they're all meaningful. Honestly, I don't believe it's all coming out from 19's Alanda. It's compliment, dear! :)

My favorite piece is Bunga, love story between Yudhis and Diandra, which is shared above. I obviously learn a lot from their relationship. Then, 98. Breathtaking. Rumah Impian Annisa. Touching. Buku dan Gula Ayah. Inspiring. Oh, should I mention them one by one? I am pretty sure you'll love this book. I've only spent an hour to read this book, but after that I reopen it from beginning and start to re-read my favorite story. Thank you, Alanda. I have learned a lot from you in an hour. :)

Good job, Terrant! And if I may give a little suggestion, I think this book is a bit expensive. Well, I know you provide extra discount for ordering it in your website, but some people have more satisfaction when they go to bookstore, and pick and buy it by themselves. But anyway, don't bother it. Keep publishing our young's creations.


  1. Wah..sepertinya hebat Alanda ini walau baru 19 tahun dan sepertinya menarik juga membaca isi novel yang banyak karakter didalamnya juga akhir cerita yang berbeda dari biasanya...

    Salam hangat & sehat selalu...