Monday, May 31, 2010

Can You Help Me?

I've been busy this whole week, and it could be said that I almost had no time for reading. So, please apologize if you haven't found any newest reviews here.

Well, June is coming! I had great May, and hopefully June will be as well too. I'll arrange a HUGE GIVEAWAY in July. I will prepare A LOT OF BOOKS. Hahaha, hope you all interested. My birthday is on July, and of course I am gonna sharing my happiness to you. Well, I am growing older, but it really doesn't matter right?

To make sure that you are going to get happy, I'd like to invite you to tell me what books should I prepare for the giveaway. Maybe you have to wait for a month, but feel free to share what books do you want to get for free. Comment here, share, you can insert one, two, three, as many as you can! XD

Waiting for your entries here. Or you can tweet me @deladacrea!



  1. i think Roald Dahl's books such as Matilda or The BFG would be great. You need some colorful books to celebrate your birthday isn't it? hahahha.

  2. James Patterson's books. always love his stories.

    hey do you mind exchanging links? i'm new at book reviewing, look me up at


  3. woow.. I'm excited just by reading it.. hehe.. :D
    since you're talking about HUGE giveaway, what immediately crosses my mind is one from my wish list in my blog: the Malory Towers Box Set!
    I'm sure you know, the all 6 books are newly re-printed packed in a beautiful box by Gramedia.
    This one of long live stories from the legendary Enid Blyton in a cute box set will make a gorgeous giveaway..! ;)

  4. Doctors by Erich Segal! I really want to have this book!!

  5. These are some of book in my wish list :D

    1. Lelaki Tua dan Laut: Manusia bisa dihancurkan tapi tidak bisa dikalahkan (Ernest Hemingway)
    2. Istana Khayalan (Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni)
    3. Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)
    4. Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)
    5. Escape (Pauline Jessop & Laura Palmer)
    6. Gajah Mada#1 (Langit Kresna Hadi)
    7. Anak lelaki Berpiyama Garis-garis (John Boyne)
    8. Quantum Writer (Bobby DePorter)
    9. Life Lesson: Membuat Impian Jadi Kenyataan (Jack Canfield dkk)
    10. Life Leson : Mencintai Kehidupan yang Kita Jalani (Jack Canfield dkk)
    11. Tuesday with Morrie (Mitch Albom)
    12. Lawan dari Takdir (Amy Tan)


  6. :: i suggest mitch albom toesday with morrie

    :: but you have to try the adventuric and treasure things. Learning how the spy and historic background have collaborating in an amazing books. I say it! Clive Cussler! He is making you satisfying just by one book! I get you 2 titlle : genghis khan, and navigator. Be adventurer! Woohoo!

  7. Hello Dela.. I linked you, I hope you don't mind.

    It's nice to see you're having a HUGE giveaway next month. As for book suggestions.. I'd say books from The Hunger Games, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Gallagher Girls series or Skullduggery Pleasant. Or lovely box sets such as The Spiderwick Chronicles or Malory Towers.

    Those are some books off my wish list. Good luck arranging your giveaway, and have fun! :)

  8. James Patterson's books, especially Maximum Ride series.

    Or... Michael Scott's books would be ok :)

  9. bukunya sitta karina deh mba,,
    apa aja terseraaahhh,, hehehhe

  10. here are my wishlist:

    1. The girl who kicked the hornet's nest-- Steig Larsson
    2. the Help -- Kathryn Sockett
    3. Anak-anak Tottochan -- Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

    thats it for today. maybe i'll drop by later if i remember any of the good book.. ;)