Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Misteri Rahasia Enam Wanita by S. Mara GD

As I ever mentioned before, Indonesian writers rarely meet my expectation. Well, never judge too high, but some of them are writing boring story with expected plot, some of them are using high language, and others make high-class literature that I don't even understand. Haha, look what I've said. It seems like I underestimate my own country, right? No, no, there are plenty talented Indonesian writers who still have place in my heart. One  of them is S Mara GD. I don't know if you know them, I mean, well I doubt if teenagers nowadays even have heard her name. But, mostly my generation, or older, must have known her as Indonesia's queen of crime. Agatha Christie from Indonesia. I knew her coincidentally from my mom's book collection.

I've just read her book, "Misteri Rahasia Enam Wanita". Not a recent one, but interesting.

Six women with their six secrets... which is connected like branches, twisted complicatedly and tightly, so it can be released free without scarifying one.
Marla is first woman, her secret begin this story. Then Fiona, Noni, Helen, Vidya, and Katherine, each other twist their own thread. They intentionally fall to irresponsible man, who found death after that.
Murder, revenge, rape, and violence color their life. Can Kosasih and Gozali analyze their secret one by one and found the suspect?

Another case of Kosasih and Gozali! I find this duo is so fascinating and breathtaking. Now, they meet complicated case with many pretty women inside! And, they all are suspected with murder case! Well, can Kosasih and Gozali reveal who's behind these murders?

Setting behind this case is a dating scams. It match makes one person to another, and every victims here are member of this club.  S Mara GD often inserts unique background in every stories, and here she tells about a dating club, where every people connected here have role in the murder. The owner, member, staff. Even when finally the murderer is revealed, you won't believe who she/he is.

Most interesting one is Dessy's stories. Some maybe assume Dessy as side story, but actually she is my favorite part. Dessy is Kosasih's daughter who falls in love with Gozali, Kosasih's partner. Gozali always refuse her, although he actually also in love with Dessy. His dark past restrict him. In this episode, we could see that Dessy is suffer from amnesia, and not able to remember her love story with Gozali. Mrs Kosasih, her mother, insist that she must get closer with Sam, a doctor who flatters to Dessy for a long time. So, will Dessy get her memory back, and remember her love to Gozali?

yeah, woman.. even when we read crime novel, we still love romance scene. :)


  1. tampaknya kita seangkatan ya... angkatan "lebih tua". Walau udah pernah denger namanya, tapi dulu aku lebih tertarik baca Agatha Christie... mungkin sekarang saatnya mencoba... (

  2. i interest the case of Kosasih and Gozali :)
    my best salute 4 u. btw, i followed ur blog.

    nice to be here, good luck !