Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interview with Sitta Karina

I was very excited to feature this author. Sitta Karina, in my opinion, is one of best author in Indonesia. The way she writes, makes everyone who reading her story feel special. She writes many books, some of them are family related fiction, well-known as Hanafiah. Sitta tells story from every members of Hanafiah family attractively. Beside Hanafiah, Sitta also writes fantasy story, and some articles for CosmoGirl! Indonesia. Here is my interview with her. Lucky me, she was able to make time for answering some questions while she is busy with deadlines, and of course her pregnancy. :)

(image from sittakarina.com)

Hello Sitta. As everyone knows, you are famed by writing Hanafiah story. Hanafiah is recognized as wealthy family, who have sophisticated lifestyle. Well, I wonder if you have any idea to create another family story, but with different background, for example middle life?
Of course, and actually I've already had. Social background in "Kencana" and "Circa" is coming from middle circle, indeed. So will Syadiran and Aslan's family. Thing that should be concerned is there are some kinds of middle circle nowadays. Lot of people ride BMW and Benz, whereas they are coming from middle circle. But, they are strong middle class people, not old money people, like conglomerate or former official who settle in Menteng.

Some of Hanafiah character seems to be real for readers. They even have twitter account. Are they real? Or maybe Sitta was inspired by someone when creating them?
Basically, their characters are combination of a few people's character that I've already known and recognize. If it said real, yes, they are real. Although in the story, the characters are combined with my own imagination.

Many loyal readers are waiting for next Hanafiah story. Who is next character who will be appointed to your next book?
I am actually having a "break" in writing Hanafiah. But to fulfill your request, there is novelette about Reno Hanafiah, titled "Dunia Mara", which will published as E-Book.

From all of your character, I personally love Austin Hanafiah in Titanium. If someday, Titanium will be filmed, who's most appropriate actor to perform Austin?
Honestly I have no idea. I think there's no suitable local actor to perform Austin's role now.

Last question. Beside writing, what's you favorite activity in spare time?
Playing with my husband and son. They are my center of life. :)

That's it! Thank you Sitta, we're absolutely waiting impatiently for your new book! :) You can reach Sitta Karina by visiting her website, or follow her twitter!


  1. Totally love this interview! :)

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  3. so lucky you get a chance to interview her !

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  9. Wow, I Love Sitta Karina. Lucky you interview her. Thanks for sharing. :)