Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Winner

It's late, it's late, I know it! And, I know I shouldn't make any excuses or something for this delay. But, after all, I am pretty busy, I was moving from my last dorm house to new one, and whole packing things kinda make me nervous. I really hate moving. But guess what, I lovd my new place. Larger, cozier, all in a pack!

Enough with mumbling, i'd like to announce who's lucky for my giveaway! Well, kinda hard to pick one ( I mean two ), because all of you are so excited. Anyway, thanks for participating, and don't forget to join my next giveaway.

So, winner for Princess Diaries is...
AULIA! Yes, you are the winner!

Man and Wife goes tooo... FANDA!

Congratulation for both of you, soon email me in your name and address. And, for those who still unlucky, don't be sad. I'll arrange another giveaway, and you'll be priorited!
Ok, see you soon!


  1. Wah...kayaknya saya ketinggalan nih, tapi besok bilang2 ya kalo ngadain lagi...

    Selamat deh..buat yang menang....

  2. Horaaaay...I get it! Thanks Dela!
    Sorry, I cannot open this post since yesterday, I guess it's because of the bad connection of my internet.

    OK, I'll e-mail you my address. Thanks again!!

  3. yaahh..ngga menang,,,hikss... :((
    yeah..maybe next time ,, :((

  4. waaaawww thank u sist!:D
    okeee...aku kirim alamat ku yaaaa:D

    skali lagi makasiiiihh dela:)

  5. Selamat buat yang menang ya...
    Buku yang aku ingin ternyata dimenangkan oleh mbak Fanda...

  6. DEla...
    imelku dah kterima blum?:)
    ditunggu bukunyaaa...hehehe;) cant waiiittt...hihi

  7. waaaahhhhh pindahan juga toh.... hehehehehehehe

  8. Guys,

    Support The Earth Hour, by turning off all the electricity for an hour on Saturday, March 27'th 2010, 8.30 pm.

    Dukung The Earth Hour, dengan mematikan semua lampu dan listrik selama 1 jam, pada hari Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010 mulai dari jam 20.30 malam.

    This is the least we can do....

    Love the Earth...


  9. udah aku post-in temen2,,, tunggu di rumah masing2 yaaa... :)