Thursday, March 25, 2010

Galaksi Kinanthi by Tasaro GK

This time, I'd like to recommend an Indonesian novel. Honestly, I rarely read Indonesian novel. Yes, I know, love your country product, but I must say, there are only little Indonesian writer who have similar taste like I have. Am not judging myself too high, but it's more comfortable if I read foreign books.

It was unforeseen coming. I was kinda busy with few books in my hand. It's too hard to pick which one I should read first, among FREEFALL, third book of Tunnels, The Labor of Hercules, one of Agatha Christie's book, latest Detective Conan's comic, and The Sorceress, third book of Alchemist by Michael Scott (by the way, oh my God, I am so exciting, finally this book is published!). Suddenly, last Tuesday, when I met my old friend from college, she offered me a book with interesting cover. It's so unique, because you'll see woman gazes moonlight from cruiser deck, and when you flip undercover, you can see, a man, lay on wide meadow, looking up same moon. My friend said it was great book, containing twisted plot, and rarely found in Indonesia. So, I decide to give it a try, after reading recommendation from Dewi Lestari in its cover.

I could finish it in 3 hours. I must give my two thumbs up for the writer. Standing applause. This book has many things, wrapped up into one story. Kinanthi, young girl from Gunung Kidul, become main role. Like other kids there, she had poor and miserable life. She often get harsh treatment from her friends, only because of her poorness, and her "dirty" blood. Fate brings Kinanthi to Bandung. Her parents trade her with 50 kg of rice. Kinanthi become labor, and sent to Arab Saudi.

Her affliction didn't stop until this. You can read how bad her employer treat her, and what makes me mad is Indonesian Embassy there haven't do anything! They see Kinanthi's case like other cases, just let it be, what a harsh! Well, when i read it, I've been so ashamed being Indonesian people. How could it be? Why can we protect our own citizen?

Curious about its ending? Kinanthi become an American citizen. wait, wait.. why America? You should read the book to know the reason. I don't blame Kinanthi for her shallow nationalism. You can't give deep loyalty to a country, which never do any efforts to protect you while you're in danger.

It's a little picture of what our woman labor feel. They feel alone, none can help them. When you walk abroad, as a labor or TKW, your dignity will be replaced to lowest position. That's what I conclude.

Powerful book. And, I've just noticed that this story is based on true story. Oh, really? Well, I can't imagine it, tough.


  1. I trust your judgement, coz I think we have similar taste of book. I'll give it a try too! Thanks for the review

  2. makasih deeellaaaa
    bukunya dah nyampe...
    im reading it now:D
    thanks a lot;)

  3. Great recommendation - thanks for the tip :)

  4. you can describe this book perfectly!!
    Kalo gw punya anak cewe mau gw namain Kinanthi hehehe....