Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver

Lincoln Rhyme, ex reliably forensic detective, had to quit his job because after having an accident, he suffered from quadriplegic, a condition of neck to toe paralysis. Helpless with his life, Lincoln, who now has 24-hours "nanny", was trying to do suicide. After many failed attempts, finally he found someone who able to help him kill himself. But before he could do it, an old friend, his ex co-worker, comes and ask for help.
A couple got a cab from airport, but they never arrived to their destination. Few hours later, a police woman found a piece of hand, buried in ground, partially skinned so the bones is seen. It is belong to one of the cab passenger. The cab driver is The Bone Collector.
The Bone Collector is murderer and kidnapper. Obsessed with New York City history, he did his crime methodically, by leaving some clues and implicit messages. Too bad, only Rhymes could understand the meaning of his messages. So, Rhyme has to choose whether he keep doing his suicidal mission, or help finding The Bone Collector and rescuing his live victims.

This is my first Jeffery Deaver's and I love it! Well, I doubted it at first, underestimated and compared it with James Patterson's Cross series,but turns out that Lincoln Rhyme has his own charming. Feel depressed with his life, his fire is lighten back when he faces some interesting cases. While he couldn't stand with his own feet and examine things as he used to be in forensic, he used help from Amelia Sachs.
Amelia Sachs, attractive policewoman (and by the way, played by Angelina Jolie in the adaptation movie), found a piece of skinned hand, in her last day of work. She hates her job, so she want to get out from it quickly, but trapped with Rhyme instead. She is forced to do Rhyme's job, examining crime scene, stay longer even when corpse smell disturbs her so much.
Both makes good team, and I like how Sachs feels comfortable with Rhyme, because unlike other men who underestimate her and treat her like an object of sex, Rhyme trusts her, and treat her equally. I am not sure where it will go, but I read it somewhere that they will become a couple. Uh, really? I prefer team-mate actually.
The best of it is the thrilling part, how I hoped that the victims were alive, and Rhyme was able to save them. And then I would wonder whether he was fast enough to solve the clue? And, don't be surprised, you'll find a big shocker in the ending! So, yay for The Bone Collector, and I can't wait to have my second Jeffery Deaver!



  2. Nice nih, di katanya banyak buku2 keren dan murah,,