Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Remember her first book who really caught me up? Finally after long waiting, Gramedia Pustaka Utama publishes its sequel, Catching Fire.
Still present Katniss and Peeta as main role, this book take time setting after they both come home as the winner of Hunger Games, and of course still act as young teenagers who deeply falls in love one to another to avoid suspicion from Capital that they only made the love story up for win the Games together. But, it proves that their braveness against Capital's rules in Hunger Games brings out other districts courage. They slowly rise, plan rebellion to the Capital.

Katniss, who only wants to protect her family, is confused about what to do. One hand, she should keep pretending that she's in love with Peeta, for everyone's good, but her hunting mate, Gale, is always imagined in her mind. While wandering blindly, Katniss found that Capital is forcing back all previous winners of Hunger Games who still live, to compete again, in celebrating 75th Hunger Games. It means that she, once again, should compete with Peeta!

How it ends? I really wish I could give you little spoiler, but it will make me such bad reviewer. What I say is Suzanne Collins has successfully built suspense as she did in the first book. The Games turns more cruel, brutal, because it has more competitor. But, she also writes about Young Katniss heart, hesitation when she should choose the path of her future, and not being together with someone she loves. All packages in one book. Good job, Suzanne! I can't wait for last book! :)


  1. i saw it in Gramedia last week. may be i'll buy it after this.
    thanx for the info :)

  2. wow,your review makes me curious of the ending scenes.. :)
    btw, nice to know you.. :)

  3. Aku blom baca buku keduanya. Tapi sungguh, aku benar-benar suka ma buku pertamanya
    it's one of my unputdownable books.
    I love Katnis but I am falling for Peeta
    I'll read that book above a.s.a.p

    in which team are you?
    Peeta or Gale?