Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The last chapter of Hunger Games trilogy, published in Indonesia version. I've been waiting for this like forever. Actually I've read it in English, but the Indonesia version always amazes me.
Anyway, it started after the end of Quarter Quell, when rebellion from District 13 abrupted it and took Katniss from the area. Capital bombed District 12 until nothing left, and some survivors, including Gale, Prim and Katniss' mother, forced to leave their town and moved to District 13. District 13, known as destroyed district, in fact they had built a strong civilization underground. District 13 was nuclear provider for Capital, and before Capital knew it, they used to fight agains Capital.
Katniss learned fast that District 13 is not as pleased as she thinks. It isn't Capital, but they had strict rule. There are tight schedule, ration limitation of food, and hard punishment for everyone who breaks the rule. President Coin, leader of District 13, wants Katniss to be the Mockingjay, rebellion's symbol against Capital. Katniss agrees in some requirements. She wants Peeta is kept alive, afraid that District 13 will punish him as a rebel because now he's on the enemy's side. Peeta shows in televisions, asks truce between Capital and District 13, assumes that it's the best for everyone, while people at 13 disagree. President Coin undertakes it, in order Katniss become Mockingjay.
Realizing that Katniss is completely clueless without Peeta, 13 decide to rescue him from Capital. It works, but it turns out that Capital has brainwashed Peeta, so he only remembers that he has to try Katniss in order to save everyone else. It makes Katniss shocked, and she starts to turn her back on Peeta, blame him on everything happens. And, on the right time, Gale tries to approach Katniss again, makes her confused which one does she really love.
And then, what happened when Katniss has to come to a deathly mission to kill President Snow with Gale and Peeta? Will they survive and sucess?
I love, love, love this final installment! It's more epic than the first two! And to be honest, I am quite sad it ends, but it has to end sometimes, hasn't it? Must read novels. Go get it soon!


  1. Hiyya.. Bacaan wajib saya 2012 nih, tiga2 nya udah nangkring manis tapi belum dibaca-baca aja.. Mana filmnya udah mau main di bioskop lg ;)

  2. This book is one my favorite series all time! Can't wait to watch the movie :)